photo by Nina Penalosa

Lady geeks are no longer mystical elusive unicorns these days – we’re geekin’ out all over the damn place and making our presence known!

**stomps foot defiantly on the ground**

It can be a bit tricky finding others that are part of our herd IRL — that’s “in real life” in case you have no idea what the frak I’m talking about — as opposed to online where we’re pretty much scattered all over the place via Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, personal blogs, etc.  As much as I’m a self-professed introvert that gets slightly antsy in social situations with strangers, there are times when I need to let my fangirl feels out in person with ladies that are like-minded. Twitter and Instagram conversations can only take you so far, especially if we’re only allowed to use 140 characters per tweet! Even with friends and acquaintances regularly seen that are fellow geeks, their love of certain fandoms might not be as intense, so it’s entirely possible to be stuck sitting with all these emotions bubbling up inside until I can find someone else to geek out with.

Enter Geek Girl Brunch (GGB). GGB is a fun little meet-up that started out in New York and has spread like the zombie apocalypse wildfire throughout not just the US, but also in Canada and across the pond in the last few years. Geek gals – or as their site states, “identifying women (which includes transgender women), gender fluid and non-binary people as long as they are comfortable with the “geek girl” label” get together for good food, drinks (mimosas!), fun conversations, and most importantly it gives every attendee, or “brunchette,” the opportunity to make connections and possibly gain new friends. Each brunch always has a theme too, so that adds another element of fun as it encourages brunchettes to put together outfits that coincide with the brunch’s theme.

The Bay Area chapter of GGB had its inaugural meet-up last weekend in Berkeley at Townie with a Marvel Comics theme. I decided to go there with an extremely girly/geeky outfit that consisted of a pink pleated skirt, mint green cropped cardigan, and a tank featuring Thor’s hammer Mjolnir adorned with flowers from Fifth Sun (pictured below).

Each place setting on the table had coloring book pages, crayons, stickers, novelty pencils and erasers, an Ant-Man pin (that I made for everyone), and confetti to let every brunchette know that we were all there to have a good time in a judgement free zone. Once everyone got settled in, brunchettes introduced themselves around the table stating what they do for a living and a few geeky facts about themselves. With every GGB chapter, brunchettes are encouraged to go on an outing afterwards to keep the fun times going long after mimosas have been consumed. A few of us walked over to Fantastic Comics, a nearby bookstore, and grabbed boba at Purple Kow before we all dispersed.

The GGB Bay Area chapter’s next brunch will be held in October with a Halloween theme! If you’re interested in getting in on all the girly geekery, make sure you sign up so you can get updates on when and where the next meet up will be. Spots per brunch are limited to just 15 seats, so act quickly once it’s time to get in on the next meet-up!

If you’re not in the Bay Area you can check to see if there are any GGB chapters near you. Don’t see any? No worries! Officers are needed to help run each chapter, so if you’d like to start one near you check out their website for more info.

Fun little goodies the officers provided for the brunchettes

photo by Gwen Rice

Lady geeks galore! (photo c/o Gwen Rice)

Some of the brunchettes and myself show off our Marvel inspired ensembles at Fantastic Comics