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More than any other form of mass communication, the internet has drastically changed how we transmit information, ideas and opinions to one another. From the exile of leaders during the height of Arab Spring, to the organized marches against police brutality in major cities across the U.S, the role of social media has had profound impacts in societies around the globe.

While the internet has revolutionized social movements in unprecedented ways, the negative impacts of social media are real, where a single tweet can leave damaging and lasting effects. Hiding behind a mask of anonymity, cyber bullies can be found lurking in forums, chat rooms, and popular social networking sites waiting to strike out their next victim.

In an article written for Pacific Standard Magazine, writer Amanda Hess proclaimed that women aren’t welcome on the internet. As in the tragic cases of Amanda Todd, Audrie Pott, and Rehtaeh Parsons, female victims of cyber bullying  as young as 10  are at higher risk for suicide.

[Click here to learn more about female victims of bullying at the UnSlut Project, founded by Emily Lindin]

The Digital Wave of Feminism

Emerging from the silence are those lending their voices to give power back to the unheard. Wear Your Voice Magazine recognizes 30 of the most socially influential women on social media who are unapologetically reclaiming their space on the internet one tweet at a time. Learn more about the women in the infograph below, and follow them to be inspired and stay socially informed.

Congratulations, and thank you to the phenomenal women who made the list.

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Special thanks to Elly Garcia for her contribution to the above inforgraphic.