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LAS HIJAS DE VIOLENCIA, Mexico feminist punk band.

This week’s dose of Celebrities Out Of Touch With Reality comes to us from Blake Lively. The actress posted a picture of herself on Twitter with the caption “L.A. face with an Oakland booty.” Seriously?

A new start-up recently hit the streets of San Francisco that’s the stuff of nightmares. No, literally — I swear I had anxiety dreams about this exact situation while looking for housing in the Bay Area last summer. “Rentberry” is a website where renters bid against each other for potential apartments; the best offer wins the lease. If this seems a little too close to a dystopian future in which people are forced into gladiator-style physical death matches where the prize is a studio apartment, you and I are feeling the same thing.

The Supreme Court finally made a decision in the case regarding the Affordable Care Act’s “opt-out” provision for religious institutions required to provide birth control to their employees. Actually, “decision” is too strong a word. Basically, the justices just bounced the case back down to the lower court. What does this mean for women in these religious institutions who need birth control? More time, more paperwork and more dilly-dallying.

In more depressing reproductive health news, the Oklahoma legislature just passed Senate Bill 1552, which makes performing an abortion a felony and cause to revoke a doctor’s medical license if the procedure is not deemed “necessary to save the life of the mother.” Terrifyingly, the bill was passed in OK’s House of Representatives 59-9 and Senate 33-12. To clarify this picture slightly, a mere 13 of the state House of Representatives’ 101 members are women — and 6 out of 48 in the Senate are women. ‘Nuff said.

Apparently, Bill O’Reilly took it on himself to declare feminists unfit to report on Donald Trump. Using his logic, my question would be: why is Bill O’Reilly allowed to report on feminists?

Las Hijas de Violencia is the angry, feminist punk band fighting street harassment in Mexico City with music and confetti guns you never knew you needed.

If you’ve been waiting for a Vagina Monologues-inspired show featuring South Asian and Indo-Caribbean women, Yoni Ki Raat is here to fill your hole.

Despite Beyonce’s recent calls for social justice and feminism, it turns out that her newest “athleisure” clothing line is being produced in Sri Lankan sweatshops. Many are criticizing Bey for exploitation, saying that the employees are treated like “slaves.”

Bernie Sanders took time this week to meet with Native tribes in South Dakota to discuss how he will work to improve conditions and lives for American Indians on reservations and beyond if he’s elected. Indigenous peoples are so often ignored by political leaders — in fact, no more than eight presidents ever made it a priority to visit reservations. Native people are not “living fossils,” they are active members of the American community who are constantly being beaten down by white supremacy and the U.S. government. Sanders’ meeting is hugely meaningful and potentially precipitates a movement within politics to acknowledge and change the overwhelming poverty and violence in many Native American communities.

Finally, some reading for anyone who feels like throwing up or is in need of a bulleted list featuring even more reasons to hate d-Trump.