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The Gods Declare War on Normativity

This photoset/shoot by photographer Martin Shankar is literally everything. Not only does it challenge and rebuke normativity in all forms, but also it encapsulates how those normative standards are embodied and reproduced in queer relationships.


Women in the Media— 50 Years Back

After finding herself unable to name more than a handful of well known women in the history of literary non-fiction, freelance journalist Ann Friedman took it upon herself to compile a list of influential writers, one woman for each of the past 56 years. Some names are familiar; Gloria Steinem, Joan Didion- but most are largely unknown. Friedman, as do we, believes that this needs to change, and her article is a great place to start.


Inspiration Porn

Once again, the disabled community tries to remind the rest of us that they do not exist for our benefit. Yes, representation in media is key to alleviating feelings of isolation, but navigating that territory without patronization is difficult. Most “inspirational” videos of disabled people “fighting their illness” or “overcoming their disability” only serves to alleviate feelings of guilt in able bodied folks.


Uber for Women?

This week we first got wind of “Chariot,” a service marketing itself as a rideshare organization focused solely on transportation for and by women. While now facing minor legal setbacks regarding “discriminatory practices” (aka only hiring and picking up women or female-identified individuals), Chariot seems on track to become widely available in the near future. The business model stems from the perceived danger of assault pervasive in the current rideshare market. Chariot hopes that by catering a service “by women, for women,” they will be able to give a larger sense of security and safety to its clientele. We’re excited to see how it goes!


Amy Schumer Tries to Be a Good, Body Positive Feminist, and Gets Pretty Close

Oh Amy. So many times you’ve tried, so many times you’ve failed at pushing an inclusive feminist agenda. This week, when you called out “Glamour” for grouping you in with “Plus Size” models… while it’s true that you are not plus size, there’s nothing wrong with being plus size! You don’t want girls your size to look at you and think “oh no, I’m fat, I’m plus size?” Girl, what’s wrong with being fat, with being plus size?? A hit and a miss.


Trump Dump

With all the hustle and bustle around Donald Trump these days, people are looking back at the old Trump, before he stood precariously on the edge of political fortune and simple sat comfortably in the silver spoon of economic fortune. In these reveries, names of prior Trump flames are being rekindled: but the best part? None of the women named want anything to do with DT or his brand- many flat out deny any allegation of friendship. Hell. Yeah.


The Forgotten Millennials

It seems like you can’t go two seconds on the internet without hearing complaints or satires about “The Millennial Generation.” However, the Millennials so revered and reviled are majorly upper middle class white kids. What about the rest of us?


The Post-North Carolina Bathroom Bill Experience

A man shares how he deals with using the women’s bathroom everyday. With handy business cards.