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  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week (or out in a cabin in the wilderness with no internet or cell reception), you’ve seen that Queen Bey is back with a new, full-length visual album, Lemonade. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably listened to it at least five times by now.
  • The reception to Lemonade is another example of how feminism is becoming popularized in the media. While Bey is one of the most prolific and influential new-media feminists, other pop stars are also working feminism into their branding. However, how much of it is just that, branding? When push comes to shove, who is standing up?
  • Pound” is the cool, new workout program “taking LA by storm!” It’s also 100 percent an appropriation of Dandiya, an Indian folk dance traditionally performed with sticks (also called dandiya). Marketed as a program that “turns drumming into a full body workout,” Pound uses drumsticks “specifically designed for exercise,” a.k.a. flashy dandiya rip-offs.

Dandiya Raas

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus admits that, while her show Veep began as political satire, it is slowly becoming more of a “somber documentary.I’ll say.
  • Colourism claims another victim: Lil’ Kim posted images of herself on Instagram showing a drastically lighter complexion and transformed facial features.
  • Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump. This week, he called out Hilary Clinton for “playing the woman card” to get votes. When NBC co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Trump if he recognized that suggesting Clinton’s only merit in the race is her gender (as opposed to her status as an ex-Secretary of State, ex-senator and lawyer) was an incredibly demeaning comment, he responded simply, “No, I find it a true comment.” Thanks, Don. All us women out here really appreciate your respect and support. In related news, there is now a Kickstarter for a deck of cards featuring pioneering American women. To quote the project page, “If Hillary is playing the woman card, this is the deck she’s using.”
Cards by Zebby Wahl.

Cards by Zebby Wahl.

  • I never thought I would agree with John Boehner on… well, anything really. This week proved me wrong:

Damn, post-retirement J-Boehnz is getting REAL.