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Beyonce is one of a number of women speaking out about pay inequality for women.

Today is National Pay Equity Day/Equal Pay Day. When you are being gaslit into thinking that the feminist struggle for equality among all genders is an unnecessary labor, or that we are already there, just remember that white cis-women make an average of $0.79 to every dollar that cis-men make. Black, Indigenous/Native American, and Latina women make even less, and that is not even taking queer and trans identities into account.

The National Women’s Law Center did a study about what this loss looks like over the course of a lifetime. After 40 years of work, white women make $430,000 less than men — doing the same job. Black women lose $877,000, and Latinas lose over a million bucks!

This is not a happy day. This is a day to be angry. This is a day to speak out and to mobilize. No one is saying, “Happy Equal Pay Pay!” just as no one shouts, “Happy D-Day!” Write a letter to your boss today presenting these numbers to them. Maybe now is the time to have the talk!

Illustration by SILENTMONOLOGUE.. Creative Commons license.