A list of a few of the characters I’ve seen that do not get enough credit because people like to see them as only “plot objects”. These women worked against all odds and displayed some major kickass in their games. Here’s my list of female characters that do not get enough credit! I highly recommend these games for anyone going into gaming or anyone who needs a female role model within the gaming community.

Princess Zelda



This princess is quick,cunning,sneaky and all around a very valuable character. To those who haven’t played the Legend of Zelda series, she may seem like the clichéd “Damsel in Distress” plot subject, but she can totally fight for herself.

One major example of this is in Ocarina of Time, where through her alter ego she essentially saves herself. By leaving the castle disguised as a sheika (protector/guard of the royal family), she is able to find Link (the player) and teach him the songs he needs to be able to save her. Gannon is oblivious to this until her reveal in the end of the game before the major boss battle so extra points for being super sneaky!

This, however, is not the only time she has done this. Another alter ego of hers, seen in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, is Tetra. Tetra is a boss female head pirate that sails the seas with Link and her crew and she is slightly embarrassed of her real self (being Princess Zelda). Zelda’s skills are also displayed in Twilight Princess and Smash.


full shot


Originally known as Claire Farron, Lightning changed her name and her only explanation lies within this quote “Lightning, it shines bright then quickly fades away”. After her mother died from an unknown illness while she was 15, with no other family to turn to, Lightning set out to raise her younger sister Sarah and does everything she can to protect her. She has served as a Commando, Ravager, medic and also served as a knight protecting the Goddess Etro from her enemy Caius. Lightning is a very independent and determined character that looks out for herself and Serah alone, not caring much for others left behind. She is driven over her constant feelings of guilt that she may fail to protect Serah. This character has an intense back story and her overall personality sets her off from every other female character I’ve ever seen.


new jade

This girl is obviously no “Damsel in Distress” even though Anita Sarkeesian played her out to be. Jade was a champion kickboxer before the outbreak occurred in the game Dying Light. Within the first five minutes of the game, Jade saves your life and then helps you along your way. *SPOILER* Towards the end of the game, Jade branches off on her own to take down an enemy,which she is fully capable of doing, and becomes captured. After you find her and release her, you come to find that you have both been bitten by a zombie and it is only a matter of time before you both succumb to the effects.That is when you go to administer medicine through a needle into her, but instead, Jade turns the needle, giving you the antidote, sacrificing her life. #BOSS

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