Some may call Amber Rose a Queen of controversy, but after her latest brilliant demonstration at MTV’s Video Music Awards, we’re calling her like we see her: an intersectional Feminist.

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Last night, Amber Rose took to the lavender carpet with fellow ‘activist’  (our words not theirs) Blac Chyna, wearing creations which displayed language that many outright haters have been spewing at Amber Rose across multiple social media platforms: “Gold Digger,” “Hoe,” “Bitch,” and “Slut,” were included on that list. These warrior womyn were accompanied by two guests wearing outfits featuring one specific homophobic slur: “Faggot.” 

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Why do we here at Wear Your Voice find this to be such a bold and brilliant act of Feminism may you ask? Because Amber Rose (and crew) dared to take that Feminism currently most alive in America (mostly “White Feminism”) onto an intersectional playing field. She essentially upped the anti, and dared the rest of this country to do the same, on one of the biggest award show nights in music of the year (despite the fact we are always wondering when MTV will actually start playing music videos again). How is this upping the anti you might ask as you sit uncomfortably in front of your computer screen currently questioning everything you thought you knew about the term “slut” or what constitutes “slutty behavior.” Amber dares to do exactly what she feels is true to herself – she ultimately dares to say that she can exist in her body exactly how it is, but still not want to exist in the milieu of rape culture, or even the general belittling of womyn that occurs multiple times a day every day in America. 

According to Amber Rose’s Twitter, is in fact a self-proclaimed Feminist who founded the “Slut Walk” in 2011 as a response to a police officer’s suggestion that ”women should avoid dressing like sluts” as a precaution against sexual assault. So far, Amber has collected nearly $50,000 of $65,000 on her Go Fund Me page. We think that this look served as a walking, talking billboard for that project, and hope that it receives more attention and funding as a result. 



Also, just in case anyone was wondering, YES Feminists can shake their asses however and wherever they want to without being slut shamed for it! If you consider yourself a “Feminist” yet judge this video, you should reconsider your own personal judgements and fears. In the meantime, we’ll just keep dancing right along!

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