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The FatSideStories Twitter hashtag is back. This time, folks are using it to talk about fat shaming in the doctor’s office.

Fat activists Ali Thompson, KC Slack, and internet personality Your Fat Friend started the hashtag to illuminate the issues fat people experience and to provide a forum for catharsis.

“I hoped [the hashtag] would help people feel like they had a space to share their stories, where they would be believed and not blamed,” said Slack.

These are just a few examples of the systematic mistreatment that fat folks receive, even by those who are there to “do no harm”:

The doctor’s office should always be a safe place for patients. When something is wrong with a person’s body and they need help, the last thing that they should have to worry about is emotional abuse from the person who’s supposed to be there to heal them.

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The next time your fat friend or family member tells you that they’re experiencing discrimination because of fatphobia, think of these experiences that you’ve just read. Sometimes it causes long-term illnesses to go undiagnosed and untreated.

Listen to the people you care about and do so without judgement. If you’re in a position to help, it might just save a life.