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So this last month was sort of a big deal in the world of fashion. From New York to Paris to London to Milan, all of the major names in fashion bring their A-game to the runway. One of the best of the best weeks within fashion month are the couture shows. The fashion elite, if you will. Every model, designer and “someone” in proximity to the shows becomes a spectacle for all the world to see. So it was no surprise when supermodel Karlie Kloss was seen out in public wearing one of the looks from a couture show IRL (in real life, for those of you who aren’t abbreves savvy). And it got a lot of people (myself included) thinking, Who the hell can actually afford these things to wear them out in the real world? The catwalk is one place, the red carpet it’s close cousin, but seeing couture on Main Street is not really a thing. Most of my clothing is either thrifted or from fast fashion staples like H&M and *cringe* Forever 21. But just because your back pocket is on a budget doesn’t mean your whole look has to be. We took some of the highest end of fashion houses from last months Paris Couture fashion shows and gave them a bit of a makeover for your everyday life.

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Sexy – Versace


A basic black dress can be updated pretty easily with a pair of scissors and the right mindset. Donatella Versace just proved that with her last couture runway. With a few simple slits, cutouts, shorn sleeves and assymetrical hemlines you can definitely play up some sex appeal for date night or a night out on the town (because you don’t need a man to look sexy.) Simplicity is sexy. Keep your tones stark with black red and metallic and you’re sure to turn strut into whatever venue like you just came floating off the runway.


Sweet – Giambattista Valli


Giambattista Valli is one of my all time favorite designers for embracing traditional femininity while finding the power behind it. Pink can be a powerful color, and make a look feel lighter than air and (with the right accesories and styling) chic as f***. Ideas of traditional beauty don’t have to be anti-feminist. Wear your pink frills with pride!

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Sultry – Dolce and Gabanna


This look is for the girl who knows she deserves to be treated like a queen. D & G often look to monarchic beauty with gaudy and gilded accesories and rich colors fit for royalty. The velvet skirt and floral crown are a powerful statement, combined with the shawl gives it a modern goth edge; we’re going for 21st Century Renaissance Woman.


Ethereal – Elie Saab


Flowing beaded florals with feathered accents provided light and airy looks at Elie Saab. Long silk lace in soft creams with neutral accented accessories are a perfect boho spin on this look for times when the weather is just as light and airy. Don’t tell me you can’t see an amazing day at the beach (one of the hardest places to look good) in this outfit.


Wild Card – Jean Paul Gaultier


Last but not least, we have the renegade of the group. JPG is known for his rebellion, strong motifs and “f*** everyone” approach to fashion. The peplum/pant combo proportions the body perfectly and it’s an outfit that’s sorely undervalued in mainstream style (God only knows why, how cute does that look?!) The pop of color is always optional, but you can never go wrong with a nice splash of primary colors on black and white. Take a chance with your style choices and embrace your inner supermodel!