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Eric Trump with Latinas Contra Trump.

Eric Trump with Latinas Contra Trump.

It seems like Donald Trump isn’t the only Trump doing absolutely careless things. His son, Eric Trump, posed for several photos with his arms around smiling protestors — whose shirts read “Latinas Contra Trump.”

Latinas Against Trump.

With Donald Trump’s statements about Latinx immigrants, it’s no wonder that no one on Trump’s team, including his middle son, understood what “Latinas Contra Trump” means. Not a single person stopped 23-year-old Annie or Ceci Cardelle as the two waded through the deep crowd of Trump supporters. The Cardelle sisters had to walk past no less than three “handlers” who looked everyone up and down in order to give the okay to speak with the Trumps.

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Three separate people with high level jobs associated with the GOP and Republican presidential candidate could not read basic Spanish and assess that maybe, just maybe, they might not be there to support the racist candidate. Go Trump!

“The only person who noticed when my sister was taking photos of me wearing the shirt was a reporter from our local paper,” Annie Cardelle told PopSugar.

“We were kind of in disbelief that no one understood this protest,” Ceci told Buzzfeed. “It really goes to show the lack of diversity in their team.”

“No one at the rally realized my shirt said AGAINST tr*mp,” a giddy Annie Cardelle, 23, tweeted along with the photo.

“Congrats, y’all played yourselves.”

While the Cardelles characterized the attendees of the event, despite their differing political beliefs, as “kind” and “gracious,” but their experiences online have been anything but since the images went viral.

“I had not experienced any kind of racism or aggression until the story became viral,” Annie Cardelle reflected.

“As Hispanic women, we see how Trump’s hate speech has emboldened people to be racist towards Latinos and people of color in general,” second-generation Cuban American Annie Cardelle said. “What Donald Trump has been doing is making people think that it’s alright to treat us as if we’re worse than they are.”

“It’s been almost two years of Trump continuously putting down Latinos, making us feel like we don’t belong. So, my whole thing was to go there and say, ‘I’m Latina and we’re against you because of what you say about our race,’” Annie said.