dierdre wallace

Ms. Dierdre “Dee” Wallace – designer / entrepreneur / CEO

Deefind shoes —

Dee’s dreamscaped color combos pair sharp angles with bold lines — essential gestures that trigger tendencies to twist a few noodles, mine included.

They’re gorgeous. LOOK at them! And try not to dribble on your laptop.


As an avid architecture enthusiast, Dierdre’s style is charged by lucid movement in solid shapes & reflects the dynamic aesthetics cultivated by her vision.

deefinds dierdre wallaceBorn: Allentown, Pennsylvania – Currently resides: San Francisco, California

Be not intimidated by size or surging beauty. Like their creator, Deefind are unpretentious & approachable + you’ll probably fall in love once introduced to how comfortable they make you feel. Stamp that.

deefind stunnin

“Shoes are one of the greatest forms of personal definition, I wanted to create beautiful works of art as well as introducing recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible.”

She discusses “exposing a woman’s true distinctiveness by emanating her strength and power.”

deefind MAIRINdeefind 2012 spring collectiondeefind MAGALI

Deefind fit shortys like me and range on up to suit six foot plus Amazonian dames — those big beautiful bitches!! Available in WHOLE sizes: 6–12

Those polkadot ones with pockets for your id tho?

deefind jewelle deefind - jewelle

I’ve got no formal phalangeal training – sneaker sheik is MY forte. Most days I’m torn between either THESE *points to feet while typing* beat up low-top scruffy sambas, OR my baseball superstition driven (mud & nacho splattered) bright orange tennys with black laces.

Ever slide on some brand newbies; strut, pirouette, peep your side-pro and feel that subliminal surge from blasé-blah to va-va-vavoom? Dee’s waves pave way to harness that energy. While focusing on elegance, comfort & viability, she transcends the expectations of an ordinary heel.

They’re sturdy AND sexy. I wont gush about gettin dolled up for my friend Sean’s “hoes & hobos themed birthday party” – just know that we swan-laked outta there after several hours of bouncing off the walls. Deefind > house slippers. No joke.

deefind black&whites

To recap // Summarize // Lock this info in your mind //

Deefind Shoes are…
*Handcrafted in the countryside of Portugal
*Not your frumpy floozy run of the mill come fuck me pumps
*Unbelievably comfortable
*Wearable works of art

Also note:
*Taller women = larger feet. Dee resolves, providing footwear sized 6-12
*These babies pop. Pretend you didn’t notice?
*This company donates a portion of each purchase to environmental & women’s services

deefind CORDULA

-Kaye Cloutman of Gastronomique En Vogue (Gevmag.com) writes “Any Bay Area fashionista immersed in the local industry knows Deefind by heart; and the towering beauty of owner Dierdre Wallace is definitely something you can’t miss, especially now, as she’s become one of San Francisco’s most-admired fashion personalities. Her electrifying shoe designs will bring out the oomph and attitude needed for any woman to rock it whether she’s on the dance floor or strolling through the city on her way to a luncheon meeting.”


Make them tangible you say? Lucky you:

Kindled by a fondness for glow in the dark fabric that gleams afterdark, Deefind’s “City Nights” Collection Launches: This Saturday, April 26th 2014. There’s an Alley Party at 111 Minna in San Francisco.

Hashtag world premier kindof a big deal no big deal

deefind IANTHE

7s her favorite number. Bit of an oddballer myself, I can appreciate this O.C.D.eity’s motion. Way to go Ms. Wallace, we see you grrrrrrrrrrrl <3

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