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Urban Outfitters’ “Navajo Hipster Panties.”

Urban Outfitters has long been guilty of massive cultural appropriation and allegedly stealing artwork from independent artists. This time, a federal judge heard the Navajo Nation after it took Urban Outfitters to court over the monetization of the Navajo name — quite literally their cultural identity!

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Back in 2012, the tribe sought reparations from the UO brand for misuse of the name. UO’s defense was that the tribe should have known it had been employed to sell tons of merchandise, and that the Navajo should have sued earlier if they wanted to be taken seriously. Thankfully, U.S. District Judge Bruce Black this week put an end to the corporate fuckery by allowing the tribe to continue pursuing its case against Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, its subsidiary.

It remains to be seen whether Free People, another UO subsidiary, will be included in this judgement. But if the Navajo tribe wins, it could stand to receive millions of dollars in damages.