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An Australian artist has become a viral sensation after giving Bratz Dolls a second chance at life. Sonia Singh of Tasmania takes used Bratz Dolls and gives them a “make-under” for a more natural look and feel (do you really know any 6 year olds who are walking around like they’re getting ready to hit up the club?) What began as a hobby turned into a viral sensation after Singh began sharing her before and after photos of the dolls with her 200 Facebook friends.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Singh said Tree Change Dolls began as a fun hobby of hers. After being given a redundancy while working as a scientist, Signh was able to spend time working on the project. Putting her skills to work, Singh experimented with ways to remove the dolls makeup and discovered all she needed was nail polish remover to give the hypersexualized dolls a more age appropriate appearance. Screenshot 2015-04-04 at 9.29.48 AM

Video Screenshot

The girls in the video seem to prefer Singh’s version of the dolls over their original state. One girl said “they’re nicer to play with because you can kind of think of them as the same age as you.”

Tree Change Dolls are currently sold out of  and the next group will be listed on their Etsy store on 18 April.