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20140527_141300For years, I have been ordering my delicate underthings from online and overseas. Spending loads of dough to ensure that if a man is so lucky as to have gotten to first and a half base, that they are quite sure it was all worth it just to see what kind of bra I was wearing. Because it will be a beautiful sight to behold. I want them to look wrapped up nice and tight like a present; not like I’d sewn together some of  my granny’s drapes (my grandma actually still dresses to the nines, but she doesn’t use the internet so this slander is okay).

But my oh my! My prayers have been answered and so close to home.

Please lace up your shoes and your currently ill-fitting breastial harness and make your way down to a special new place… Oh it’s not a “secret” (wink wink), its a Revelation.

Robynne Winchester, born and raised in Oakland, is a master seamstress and designer extraordinaire.

Robynne Winchester, Owner of Revelation

Robynne Winchester, Owner of A Revelation In Fit.

Robyn Winchester Corset Satin

Some of Robynne’s work for a friend’s wedding; bodice made of silk duchesse satin lined with taffeta and based on a “historical design from the late bustle period.”


This pleather bustle is based on a late Victorian design. “Made with seven arcs of hoop steeling.”

Though she’d already been crafting fully custom-made corsets and clothing for quite some time, she took a year off to take a business course at the Women’s Initiative in Oakland, then opened up Revelation. It is said that statistically eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong bra size. Robynne is correct in her belief that better fitting and quality bras have not been made very accessible. The A,B,C,D cup size system is only a disheartening perpetuated myth. The fault is not ours and that is what Robynne’s setting out to change. Stepping into this boutique feels like you’re entering into a Victorian era boudoir. Your lady-in-waiting will be out shortly to get you outfitted for the days festivities. Good day madame!

From a AA cup to a K, Revelation caters to all. They even carry a Panache sports bra (in actual bra sizes), that keeps these babies from injuring innocent bystanders when I decide to run the Lake.


Revelation In Fit

There are also beautiful back-seamed stockings. They come in nude, brown, chocolate, black, nude with black seam and my favorite: the black stocking with a contrasting red stitched back seam. Yummy!

I  recently lost a bit of weight and definitely needed to purchase a new booby constrictor. After trying on six different bras in two different sizes and three different styles, I found one that fit me perfectly. The bra is beautiful, fit me so well ( I enjoy the three part demi cup myself) and I must reiterate that it is simply AMAZING what the correct bra will do for your figure. It will improve your posture, take the stress off of your neck and back, give you a waist and make you appear taller and slimmer.

Though Revelation has been up and running for a few weeks already, their grand opening is on Saturday, May 31st 2014 from 11am-7pm. Go and get yourself properly fitted. Stand up with the breast of them!

**Be sure to mention Wear Your Voice Magazine and be treated to a specialized Revelation tape measure. Start a Revelation revolution and measure up all the women in your life. Show them that they too can have a lovely bunch of coconuts.