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ASOS, the longtime European bastion for affordable clothing both straight-size and plus, has finally extended its menswear (or as we prefer to call it, masculine wear) to a size 4x.

And the models are absolute foxes!

Check out these super comfy, vaguely ’90s throwback basics in this look. And, you know, the incredibly gorgeous man gazing into the camera.

We’ll take ten of whatever you are selling, please. 

ASOS jacket

While the line is only offering a few prints, what they have so far is stylish, fun, and on trend. If the basics are constructed as well as the feminine plus-size pieces are, they will be reliably durable and true-to-fit.

We’re loving the sexy throwback lace-up tunic below, which looks straight off of Isaac Hayes’ or D’Angelo’s back. ASOS took a bold step by using what is often considered a more feminine detail, presenting it with a more masculine silhouette. The result is sexy AF and on trend — regardless of gender identity.

We’re absolutely hoping to see more daring pieces that are on trend and don’t give a damn about binary gender norms.


We’re huge fans of these great utilitarian looks, but we really hope that they also extend the more luxury couture lines. As our friends at Chubstr have pointed out, big, masculine-of-center bodies want opportunities for quality couture, too.

This brown shawl-neck sweater is a great example of a basic that could easily be a luxury piece if the quality of fabric, craftsmanship and attention to detail is there. This classy neckline would be amazing with a fine cashmere or chunky merino wool cable-knit, and lots of big-bodied folks are willing to lay down the money for wardrobe staples that will weather the years with them.


While the current offerings are admittedly somewhat conservative and few, the feminine ASOS Plus and Curve lines started out with similar modest beginnings. We’re holding out hope for some stylish masculine options that go beyond the standard, and that ASOS is up for the task.

I wonder if ASOS delivers mistletoe?