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Thanksgiving is upon us, like it or not, and that means that a lot of us are spending time with family and loved ones that we have not seen all year, or attending Friendsgiving gatherings of our own. Whether you are gathering money to support #NoDAPL protestors (no, really — pass a basket around at dinner and get everyone to toss money in, and not just measly dollar bills) or doing breathing exercises through conservative babble from distant relatives, feeling yourself is key! These fall looks are easy to wear and easy to put together in no time.

1. Rebel With A Cause

Look like a gorgeous autumnal bad-ass when you tell conservative Aunt Sally to go f— herself as she waxes on about Trump while bogarting the mashed potatoes. Sadly, she isn’t wearing her hearing aid, so the effort is lost. But at least you’ll feel better and look good while doing it.

2. Denim on Denim

Elann Zelie, the designer behind Zelie For She, shows us exactly how to do denim on denim and rock a palette of cool blues that are anything but basic. The oversized coat is the perfect ’90s throwback silhouette. If you can’t spring for one at the moment but still want to work with the denims you have, keep in mind that it is best not to try to be too perfectly matched. A pale denim with a dark denim over a black legging, as seen here, is a perfect balance. Top it with hoop earrings and a black choker for a look that toys with the ’90s but doesn’t scream “Crazy Sexy Cool.”

3. Warm Layers

This warm, chunky scarf coupled with great fall colors are perfect to fight the chill of your cousin’s attempts at throwing shade. The power clashing of patterns is mellowed out by the earthy ochre, rust and brown, and a rich depth is added by the navy and wine. This look is all about texture, be it through layering, patterns or the visible texture of different fabrics. Get into it.

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4. Preppy Plaid

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Again, loving the layers. The preppy plaid works incredibly well with the monochromatic scheme punctuated by yellows and metallic silver loafers. Summer Albarcha is a perfect example of modest style that maintains an eye for modern silhouettes and an eye for both color and texture. All of these elements can be easily integrated in your personal style, whether modest or otherwise.

5. Button-Up Boho

WYV contributor Randi Butler slays this look. This combo is a gorgeous mashup of a refined button-up shirt with the boho detailing of lace, chiffon, embroidery and pintucks. Loving the black-and-white floral motif with the simple belt buckle and hat. If you want to femme it up, you can add a beautiful floral shawl, as seen on the left. Randi nails the balance with this gorgeous look.

6. Neutral Knits

Since it’s not cold everywhere in the U.S., some of need something a little less layered to wear. Isabel Hendrix kills the game in this super-comfy combination of neutrals with the most amazing black, chunky details. Whether you want to give your grandmother a heart attack or look extremely sexy for Friendsgiving, this is a great look.

7. Golden Girl

When isn’t Keiko Lynn’s style perfect? She channels a warm retro vibe with this combination of cozy textures: velvet, corduroy and a nubby striped knit. Fake a sunny disposition (or do your best to conjure one) by surrounding yourself with these warm colors.

8. Fall Mod

Essie Golden’s a genius when it comes to plus-size fashion. This leather mini is perfect with a simple black turtleneck. Channel the mod look with a big medallion necklace hanging from a long pendant, or move it in a different direction with a big black hat. Balance the sexy, leg-baring look with the high neckline to keep family from over-salting your meal, if you get my drift. Or don’t, and own every sexy inch of your body.

Lastly, The Most Important Thing You Could Be Wearing (And Supporting Financially)

If you really want to show solidarity this Thanksgiving, start a conversation about Standing Rock and take time to educate your family. It’s too late to order one of these in time, but you can take a basket and send it around the table to collect money to send to the water protectors. Be incredibly careful where you buy these shirts. There are plenty of folks aggressively advertising through Facebook who are not giving Standing Rock a dime. Omaze is the only one officially sponsoring the protestors. Better safe than sorry if you want to make your protest dollar count.