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Update your look with these eight killer fall makeup tutorials.

Like it or not, it’s holiday season again. With that often comes family gatherings, parties, work events/holiday parties and, of course, New Year’s Eve.

But wait! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s savor each holiday as it comes through. Check out these gorgeous fall makeup looks for ideas on how to look your finest –whether it’s while telling a conservative family member off over a turkey dinner, hanging out with friends at an alternative Friendsgiving, or saying “fuck it” and ordering a pizza for a Netflix-and-chill date with yourself.

The choice is yours this holiday season. We’re just here to show you how you can do it more glamorously.

Sonjdra Deluxe

Sonjdra creates a gorgeous look that is simultaneously glam and monochromatic. Keeping it simple, she uses Bite Beauty’s multisticks to complete the look. Check out that incredible glow!

Nikki Perkins

Nikki Perkins is a beautiful dark-skinned YouTuber. She shows us her everyday makeup look, keeping it natural and simple. If you want something sweet and feminine for meeting your partner’s family for the holidays, this look is it!

Touch of Glam

Mayra is the brains and beauty behind Touch of Glam. She’s awesome because her tutorials are easy to follow and she’s got some gorgeous looks. This autumnal glam palette uses all drugstore products, so Mayra keeps it financially accessible and easier to replicate.

Patrick Starr

Patrick Star is amazing. This femme creates gorgeously transcendent looks and this beautiful cool-toned fall look is a great example. He creates a wonderful look on actress Shay Mitchell in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Uche Natori

Uche Natori creates a gorgeous fall glam look for hooded eyes. These deep, matte berry tones are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner and beyond.

Kathleen Lights

YouTube beauty guru Kathleen Lights has created many gorgeous looks in her time on the ‘Tube. Check out this beautiful golden-cranberry look. We went deep into the vaults for this one, but love it because it features a strong eye and neutral lip that works for all skin tones.

Hey There Helena

Helena’s gorgeous olive look uses the indie brand Makeup Geek. We dig this one because it still shouts fall, but takes a different approach than the burgundies, berries and oranges that we so often see. Her fresh take on seasonal glam is a welcome change in a sea of red- and purple-based looks.

 Jade The Libra

Jade shows us a gorgeous, warm, peachy-toned eye with dark lip for this holiday. This vlogger is great because she stays on trend, but with a goth sensibility.