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I think Oprah and I could be besties and here is why…

1. Gender

A woman and a woman of color, she understands what some people may see first, before they meet your actual brain!

2. Fearlessness

To know our fears, to overcome our fears, we have to embrace them like they are a long lost horny lover.
I, like Oprah, will not let my fears become me. The path we chose to focus our careers on is largely a male dominated space and stuck in an era we don’t actually live in anymore (err..#NewsFlash)
She had a vision she took action; I have a vision I took action.

3. Birds of a feather flock together

It takes one to know one. In the face of you can’t, we showed that we can and we want to share that feeling with women everywhere.
As much as this word is overused, & has me cringe slightly using it again and again, (my thesaurus assures me there is no other way to say it) – Women’s Empowerment- this is high on our list of priorities, because we understand the dark side of self sabotage. As I said, ‘it takes one to know one’. We want for women to take control back of their own lives, because we know the result of not doing this, it’s not pleasant and it will not pay your bills. We need to continue to pull up our big girl boxers, tuck our boobs back into our crop tops and stand together, because if we don’t, they will, and then we will have more problems than we currently do.

4. Body negativity

It’s no big secret that Oprah’s weight over the years may have caused her much distress, anyone who yo-yos’ on that level knows what the other side of that feels like. I struggle with finding power around my body, my size, my weight and it’s very possible that I don’t actually have a weight problem, I have a ‘’looking good’’ problem. I have a ME problem, and when ME looks in that mirror, it doesn’t stop ME from hating on the person that stares back at ME. My weight is the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last thing I think about at night. Seeing that someone as successful, eloquent, accomplished and beautiful as Oprah can struggle with her weight too, does not make it okay, but it humanizes something that often has me feel less human and more fat.

5. Abuse

We all have a story, but, we don’t always share it. There were moments in my life that have impacted my very being, that will forever challenge my inner equilibrium. The feelings of disgust & confusion, the mental violation experienced when you are sexual abused as a child never leaves you, but it can make or break you. At some point Oprah looked her challenges in the face and she journeyed right the way through them, I can assure you that she chose to take power around it, rather than have it suck the life out of her. You don’t get voted ‘#14 of the most powerful women in the world 2014’, by Forbes by letting your challenges come in front of your vision. #FACT

6. Bullshit

We are both a no bullshit zone, don’t believe me? Try. Give us a call

7. She is an Aquarian!

Happy Birthday! From one fellow aquarian to another, I know the crazy thoughts that run though your free spirited mind, we are the ‘genius’ sign after all, so don’t worry too much. If in doubt just #wearyourvoice 😉

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