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I like to ask the questions and point out the things that others find awkward and/or embarrassing. I am in pursuit of the individual’s truth and damnit, I shall have it!

I decided to be my normal nosy Tamara self and ask a million questions and get ALL up in everybody’s business and I’m inviting you to join me! I want to know your burning relationship questions. Your socially awkward questions. Your “maybe I’m being an asshole or maybe not” questions. Your “would they forgive me if I did…..” questions. BRING. IT.

Our topic this week focuses on romantic relationships and passenger seat protocol AKA “shotgun“. Now this is a touchy subject, as I have experienced this dilemma myself and let me tell you, it’s been raising some heated discussions. Thank you Samantha for this excellent question.

**You’ve been on two or three dates with this person. He and his friend are going out for some libations and a bit of tomfoolery; you’re invited and he’s coming to pick you up. Fantastic. Now, when he rolls up, his friend is sitting in the front seat! Say what now? Shouldn’t your guy tell the friend to get in the back? This friend doesn’t already know better? Can you say something to this front-seat-offender? I’ve got my own opinion about this, but I’ll let you know at the end.  Let me ask Oakland first…


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Precious, 20 says:

If he’s looking for something more serious, eventhough it’s only been three dates, then he should definitely tell his friend to get in the back. If it’s just a hookup, then just hop in the back.

Jim, 31 says:

I would definitely tell them to get into the back.  But really if it’s date three or four, why would my friend even be there? That’s much too early to be introducing her to my friends.

Kristen, 59 says:

Hell yeah, they need to get in the back. But some people don’t know the protocol, so I would tell the friend myself. And If they have a problem, then I don’t need to get in the front or the back. I don’t need to get into that car at all.

James, 29 says:

If you’re still trying to seal the deal, tell your buddy to hop in the back. Not just that, but there’s a level of chivalry involved.

Lorran from Brazil, 24 says:


If the friend is a woman, tell her to drive the car so you can sit in the back with your lady. That way your date doesn’t think you have feelings for your woman friend. Plus, friends usually understand the situation. In São Paolo, Brazil the men usually put the woman in the back seat, unlike the rest of the country. This is a widely spread joke when your friends tell you to hop in the back. “What do you think, I’m Paolista?!”


What does Tamara say?

I say it’s a question of your value and status in the relationship. In my own experience with this issue, it so happens that the friend in the front seat was a woman. Which I ALREADY had a problem with, but that’s a topic for another week ;-). In my case, I avoided the awkward and chose to meet them at our destination.

When I brought it up later, guess what this fool said?! “It would make me feel uncomfortable to tell her. What’s the big deal? I don’t want to make her feel weird or hurt her feelings.” Oh really? He tried to make me feel as if I were being petty and jealous. This man claimed he wouldn’t care if the situation were reversed and I had a guy friend sitting in my front passenger seat. LIES! That guy was NOT a keeper, but bless his lil ole heart.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll clearly have to look more closely at that relationship. Hop in the backseat and the next thing you know, you’re a guest at his front seat girlfriend’s housewarming. Oh, no no no. You’re the queen bee (this is not a Beyonce reference). You don’t take the back seat. Got it? Say buh-bye and .

It seems that most of Oakland feels the same way, but what do you think?

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