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“I’m gonna look for my glory, yeah

I’ll be back real soon.” –Solange

This election season has been especially difficult for people of color, due to the extreme hate-mongering and xenophobia that’s been emphasized by Donald Trump’s campaign. Meanwhile, many of us are feeling lackluster about being “with her” given Clinton’s track record for promoting anti-black policies while refusing to take a stand on the DAPL.

Like Solange beautifully crooned in her song “Weary,” sometimes it’s okay to just get away. Websites like Travel Pirates and Secret Flying are making getting up and going easier and more affordable. Here are some local and international travel destinations to check out if you need a place to explore, decompress and look for your glory.

1. Rent a camper van and explore the West Coast with your Day Ones.

Take advantage of this amazing deal and just go!


2. Visit the magical city of New Orleans.

The culture and energy in this city is off the charts and when plane fare is less than $150, it’s a deal you can’t refuse.


3. Go to Iceland to experience the Northern Lights.

A trip like this can put lots of things into perspective and Wow Airlines keeps the good deals coming.

Travel -- northern lights

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4. Experience Pura Vida in Costa Rica.

Fresh fruits and veggies, nature untouched, with round-trip airline tickets starting at $300 from the West Coast. Why not?

Travel -- costa rica

5. Chase your curiosity and finally visit Cuba.

Finally we can visit this vibrant country, and the prices are affordable! Check out this deal for round-trip tickets for under $200!

Travel -- cuba