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Oh college. It’s where you blackout more than you workout, scoff at the idea of monogamous relationships, and are proud of getting kicked out of all 6 of those bars last summer. The four-year victory lap of debauchery before finally ascending to adulthood, you know, the “real world”. A lot of us make it in, but don’t make it out.

I recently completed a nine-month internship at a great advertising agency in SF. I would constantly express to my co-workers my immense hatred for anything academia related. My disdain would always be met with responses like: “bro, stay in school as long as possible, the real world isn’t fun”. Those comments used to make me think. Was that really their train of thought when they were my age?

American society tells its young people in college that ambition isn’t really necessary until way later in life, like when you enter your thirties. That a career will fall in your lap after you graduate, it’ll all just naturally materialize once you have that degree: success, financial stability, just wait on it! (Drake voice) You’re supposed to be broke, wild, and careless at this age. Just have fun! Now, at 23, as I prepare to enter what will hopefully be my last year at SFSU, I have seen where that kind of thinking lands a lot of young people.


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Most of my newly graduated friends still couldn’t tell you what they’re passionate about. A lot of them aren’t getting the ‘career’ jobs they apply for and are forced to settle for frustrating positions. “Dawg, I have a bachelor’s and still work at the mall, smh” They blame it on the job market, but I attribute it to the fact that all they worried about in college was partying and didn’t spend any time gaining real work experience. Yet, a lot of my more successful friends in my age group didn’t go to college. They just had a natural hustle in them and went for it. That is what young college students should focus on during those years. Older professionals gravitate towards the kids who really want it, the ones who bug them to get to the bottom of something. Create career-oriented projects for yourself and become busy, early on. This “real world” you hear so much about? You’re already living in it. I understand some folks come from more humble beginnings than others. Some of us have to work through school, some of us don’t, and some of us don’t but still choose to. Whether you work for your money or it’s sent from your parents every month, we all have to budget and allocate rent money, food money, turn up money etc. That’s real. You’re an adult right now, as we speak. Take your life seriously.

I’m busy doing all of those things everyday. When you’re chasing a career and you know which direction you need to go, a full-time school load occupying half of your week can become extremely vexing. Employers can’t hire you full-time, it becomes challenging to meet with people at certain times etc. Now, I’m not intending to seem like I’ve always had it all figured out, I definitely haven’t. And I understand everyone has a different career trajectory, but I realized my path by putting myself out there. Being unafraid to start at the bottom and admit I don’t know something or ask questions. According to the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey: 53% of American undergrads under the age of 25 are either jobless or underemployed. I’m not saying don’t go to college, but simply going to college guarantees nothing.

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Someone once told me “You know Daniel, in life you at least get as far as the people you spend time with for no reason.” Initially it went over my head. What she meant was: relationships are the hallways to success. If you spend gratuitous time with people who aren’t moving forward, aren’t ambitious or insightful, and can’t teach you anything you don’t already know? Then what are you gaining from sustaining that relationship? Get drinks/ coffee, and go to baseball games with people who can actually teach you something about where you’re headed in life. If you do that, you’ll at least be as successful as they are, but probably even more.

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