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Me getting fancy! (Fancy has a 'tude)

Me getting fancy in my All Things Vintage dress on 4th of July! (Fancy has a ‘tude)

Worthwhile things! Friday night in Oakland!

And you will even have time afterwards to degenerate into drunkenness, stay out late making out, wandering or dancing, and riding your bikes home to the early light of morning- if you so wish.


  • James Gayle’s Reflections Book Release Party

The book is a compilation of interpretations of James’ work. Some of these pieces are painting of Nina Simone, Nelson Mandela and Miles Davis. The night’s readers include: Avotcja, Emily Butterfly, Poetess Kalamu Chaché

Duane Deterville, Aqueila M Lewis, Gina Madrid, Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn, Tureeda Mikell, Lakiba Pittman, Elaina Proffitt, Angela Simms, Aimee Suzara, harold terezon, Raymond Nat Turner, Marvin X, Monica Zarazua, Lisa Zuré

1721 Broadway


  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Musical Rendition!

Nerdology Musical Theatre is made up of students from local high schools. Produced by Chloe Xtina, Directed by Jenna Stein-Corman and Choreographed by Bessie Zolno.

The Flight Deck
1540 Broadway
8 PM

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  • “Nailed it: Vietnamese & the Nail Industry”

A documentary about the nail industry’s origins and Vietnamese influence, directed by Adele Phan and produced by Adele Ray.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center
388 9th St #290
5-8:30 PM



  • Oak Luck Media

Media Maker potluck! Bring a media clip or image to share, either your own work or something that inspires you.

Tech Liminal
555 12th St #110
6 PM

On-site childcare is available for $10 but must be paid for in advance.




The two play with the idea of improv. vs. song form.

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave

9-10 PM


  • Purlie

A play about the Jim Crow South, a preacher named Purlie and what he does with the money he inherits from a distant relative.

Starring J’Sun Jasper, Erica “Sunshine Lee”, Ria Dixson,Don Hardwick, Bronché Tayson, Mykah Montgomery and Marcie Byrde. Directed by Li J. Smith.

The Malonga Center for the Arts
1428 Alice St.
7 PM



  • Perhaps Not CLASSY but CLASSIC: The Goonies

The Paramount
2025 Broadway

Box office opens at 6 PM
Show at 8