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Ya’ll!  There is a super rad event happening this weekend at The Malonga Theatre—

it is combination of two of my favorite things: DANCE and Women loving their bods!



The event was envisioned by Carla Service of  DANCE-A-VISION.  Long time dance teacher, Service, explains she has  “…students who come in hesitiation–  they think I’m too fat, I can’t do that. I  try and flush that out of their mind.  Society is telling them that and they start to believe it.”

1902934_10154066198585055_6108677584412669842_n The events original intention was a dance concert — a night to showcase people of all sizes moving, dancing, performing and as soon as the word got out— folks from all walk of life began calling; offering to do spoken word, model their designs or whatever else they had to share.  She even got a call from a woman in Atlanta!  I think that really speaks to the need and lack of platforms for plus sized visibility. Events like this are hella important— and hope fully the day comes when we become a less fat-phobic country– but there is a lot of work to do! So thank you ladies for being amazing and doing your thing! As Carla puts it—“What I’ve been fighting for in my own life is to stop listening to human beings— to remember the truth that no one was put on this earth to be put down.”

The evening will be filled with all sorts of entertainment and vendors:  A variety of dance acts, modern jazz , belly dancing. There will models– and the designers present. You can meet the creators and order a custom outfit!(or Many ourfit!) Some of the designers include Koni Kloset,Ricee’s Pieces, Sebastian Threadz, Ahsou Saechao,Alouba.  I snooped around the designers websites and their will be some TREASURES to score!

Carla hopes to provide “…entertainment, as well motivate the audience and to have them be inspired by the participating women. Hopefully  when you leave watching these women whom are confident in their body you will go out and feel the same”

GO GO GO GO! Support dance, get a new dress, meet a new friend, build community, love your skin a little more….  If it goes well, participate next year!!!

 General Admission: $20
Doors Open at 7:30 pm. April 26th

The Malonga Casquelourd Center
1428 Alice Street
Oakland, Ca 94612