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I get it from my mama 😉

Is your mom the bee knees like mine?! My mother is a survivor. A friend. A rock. A nosey, party poopin’ voice of reason. A person of love, sacrifice for her children and amazing hugs. It’s a shame I didn’t fully appreciate her when I was little, but as an almost 30 year old woman, I certainly do now. And I aim to make up for all of my “I wish I had a different mom” rants when I couldn’t go to a party and door slamming of my sometimes snotty-nosed brat youth. I now realize that she wasn’t just my mom, she is a daughter herself, a sister, a friend, an aunt and a sexy woman.

I certainly can’t treat her to a trip around the world, but I aim to let her know that I appreciate her for making me her world for so long (and even now) with a sensory trip around the world for Mother’s Day. To be more specific, find out where her dream vacation would be and recreate the atmosphere.


Treat her to Parisian soaps, lotions and scents from the Bees Knees on Piedmont Ave.

the bees knees oakland lotions parisian



Exotic spices to cook with from the Oaktown Spice Shop on Grand. To my delight, these handsome mustached fellas handmix spices so you can create a signature spice mix for your mama.

oaktown spice shop oaktown spice shop fellas


The Morcom Municipal Rose Garden is free and offers beautiful flowers galore, ponds and random (friendly) animal visitors.

morcom municipal rose garden oakland


The Groove Yard in Rockridge, Oakland holds an impressive selection of jazz, latin, blues, brazillian, and reggae records. Nothing transports us to another place like music! She can put this on while she’s cleaning. I love to dance while I vacuum! Maybe she’d want to go dancing?



Chances are your mom is in a fashion rut? Polyester “no wrinkle” blend much? Ughhhh. Treat her to exotic prints, styles, fabrics and bright colors. These headbands from Show and Tell work beautifully on everyone and can be thrown on for a bad hair day as well. I’m sure your mom would appreciate a little fashion delight while running errands, changing diapers, making business phone calls and generally admiring herself in the mirror.

2014-05-06 16.24.47

2014-05-06 16.12.132014-05-06 16.08.14


When is the last time your mom wore something that made her feel sexy? A Diva’s Closet located in a little corner of downtown Oakland features a slew of affordable dresses, sexy (for even the modest mommas) evening wear and accessories. They currently have a 20% off  jewelry sale of their already low priced ( $3 or two for $5). They carry size small up to 3X. The owner Gertha Hayes chooses each piece and their customer service is friendly, informative, attentive and  basically amazing! Enjoy fruit or refreshing spa or bottled water while you browse.

divas closet oakland

Show your mom your appreciation year round, but especially on Mother’s Day.

Dear Mom,

Except for Angeline Jolie , I would not want to have been born from any other woman. You are strong, have always put your children first and have shown me what being a survivor means. I love you so much and thank you for giving me an awesome life and always making Koolaid out of lemons.


Your Earth Child

P.S. Thanks for the cheekbones.