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“America: land of the free, home of the hypocritical,” is a concept I coined over the recent July 4th festivities (I dare not digress) to explain a phenomenon I noticed of Americans apparent belief that they have the right to throw stones while standing in massive glass houses. The recent incident with Ariana Grande in a damn donut shop – of all supposed to be safe spaces – proved to be a visual and auditory “delight” in all those very hypocritical ways.

In case you are unaware of the incident, which includes donut-licking, downright rude behavior, and subsequent scapegoating of fat bodies, I have conveniently included a short and, yes, I will warn you now; annoying video clip of exactly what went down (trust me, it’s much easier than a long-winded explanation skewed with my perception of her hypocrisy):

The layers of American privilege, hypocrisy, and blatant disregard for anyone other than herself displayed here, have led me to the following breakdown on the incident, which was followed-up with this complete and utter BS-fueled “apology” written to Buzzfeed – that ultimately scapegoated “obese” children as the root of her actions?!


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.00.54 PM


1. First and foremost this wreaks of celebrity privilege – and therein Ariana is literally enacting and upholding this “America” she is claiming to hate, and ultimately the “American Dream,” that we are taught is possible for all with just a little hard work (insert sarcastic tone here). 

2. Ariana, you “hate America” (and don’t get me wrong, I have uttered this sentiment before and been able to fully back it up and stand by what I’ve said) but you LOVE the almighty $ U.S. Dollar $, of which you make an utterly excessive amount compared to the average hard working American citizen trying to make ends-meat (such as the womyn behind the counter serving you).

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3. You were actually extremely rude and disrespectful to this small business, not to mention creating a health hazard should the incident have gone unnoticed – instead of belittling and being rude to a person who is trying to make a living, try supporting a local business by buying all the damn trays of donuts and then passing them out to the many hungry people you will probably pass on the way to your chauffeur-escorted Escalade (oh excuse me, how utterly un-American of you?). Subsequently, the donut shop in question (shout out: Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore – we support you!) is now under investigation for potential health violations just because of this incident – Ariana you better cover that tab, plus any lost business! 

4. You’re the one who went into the donut shop, girl – live it the fuck up, enjoy a treat, and don’t yuck some one else’s yum (this is literally a rule we put up on my classroom agreements list while teaching for the kids, but over-privileged unconscious adults are pretty much the same thing anyways so it aptly applies here).

5. Thank you for giving me yet another perfect example of Fat Phobia in action – when push came to shove and she was caught, Ariana literally blames her phrasing on her frustration with what I have already de-structured to be the fake agenda of America’s (yes, America) war on “obesity,” which is again improper labeling of fat in connection to food (see my hyperlinked article below). How many hypocritical points can you rack up from one scapegoating experience, Ariana? As it turns out, quite a few! You are actually regurgitating an American lie from a fake American agenda, fed to you by none other than the American government, while you are in an effing American donut shop! Need I rant on?!

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Sidenote (that I couldn’t ignore):  your boyfriend seriously looks like every white bro ever in America, and on top of it is proudly rocking what looks like a stars and stripes bandana? But I mean, who cares right, because he may be American but she clearly just enjoys his public displays of French kissing…


In conclusion, it is quite clear that this Ariana gives zero fucks, probably does hate America, and thinks her scapegoating distraction tactics worked…all the way to the damn bank. A good reminder that celebritydom, like society, is a facade not to be bought into, but to consciously question and call out. Catch you at the next hypocrisy dear readers. Until then, if you have an example of another incident enacting privilege, upholding “American ideals,” or displaying Fat Phobia, please leave them in the comments below.