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To close out National Poetry Month and honor May Day and Cinco de Mayo, check out these eight Latinx poets and prepare to have your mind blown.

Latinidad is often represented as a monolithic set of values steeped in white supremacy, instead of presenting all of our vastly different and diverse lived experiences. Poetry is one medium that helps shatter the stereotypes often plaguing the Latinx experience. Here are eight unique voices who explore and celebrate the richness of diverse Latinx identities.

1. Elizabeth Acevedo 

“Black, brown, beautiful — viviremos para siempre. Afro-Latinos hasta la muerte.”

2. Denice Frohman

“Sometimes our hands are all we got, and accents that remind us that we are still bomba, still plena…”

3. Cristina Martinez

“Prove to me that you are worthy, or get the fuck out of my face.”

4. Aisha Yakira Gonzalez 

“Negra negra negra soy. Si soy negra!”

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5. Radical Latina

“How can I just be when my sisters are being murdered by the police?”

6. Kim Bjanes

Latinx poets, Kim Bjanes

7. Yakari Gabriel 

Remember this..
specially on the days where that caucasian university feels more like a prison than an opportunity
on the days where you are the only thing with color
Europe has two good hands, two good feet..
and all they have ever done with them
is steal and run
from people who look like you
European exceptionalism is a myth
it wouldn’t exist if they didn’t rob you
the bright one here is you
the hero in the story is you.

8. Yosimar Reyes

“I will stay here in this cage, singing and singing till the system crumbles, till border break, till the earth shakes, till our people become awake…”