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Featured Photo Credit: Flickr user matsuyuki

I’m usually one of those optimistic people you hate running into on your morning commute. You know, the one that just has to be so chirpy while you’re busy blasting the heavens for the weekend that ended too quickly? Well lately, I’ve been dreading my Mondays just as much as the next person. I’ve been waking up late, finding myself hurriedly rushing out the door, without even having time to wolf down a banana. I decided to journal my sleeping behaviors and found 5 habits that were putting me in a nasty funk.

1. Hitting the snooze button.


After getting inspired off a Drake song, I decided to get fancy and YOLO my weekend up. Monday rolled by faster than I knew it, and here I am-6:00am waking up a with a hangover. Happen to you before, right? Don’t act like I’m the only one-a studyconducted found that more than one-third of American adults take advantage of that handy snooze button (with over half of between 25-34 snoozing daily.) Fact: Snoozing makes you more tired. Our sleep cycle alternates between light and heavy (REM) sleep throughout the night. By clicking the snooze button after waking, you disrupt the cycle of light sleep-you won’t get to REM sleep within the allotted time of the next alarm, leaving you more irritable and tired throughout the day. Instead, sleep earlier to get the necessary 8 hours of sleep.


3. Not preparing the night before.


If you’re like me, you wake up thinking you have all the time in the world to dedicate to finding the perfect outfit of the day. Before you know it, you’re knee deep in a sea of clothes and you’ve got 5 minutes until you have to head out the door. I leave my apartment, now a potential fire hazard, looking like a five year old dressed me…in the dark. If you know you’re an indecisive dresser, pick out your clothes the night before-you’ll save time in the morning by nipping the most time consuming part of your a.m routine.

4. Eating a heavy meal right before bed.


Picture this scenario: You worked late to tighten up some lose ends at work. In an attempt to get everything completed before tomorrow, you decided to power through lunch. By the time you get home, you’re tired and starving. Too tired to cook a meal, you pop the frozen pizza you picked up on your way home while changing into your cozy ‘jammies. What better way to complete a night snuggling in bed, catching up on the latest issue of Cosmo while downing the cheesy perfection that is pizza, right? WRONG. Eating heavily before bed can make digestion difficult (which leads to that feeling of fatigue and sluggishness in the morning), cause heartburn and gas (particularly an unpleasant side effect if you share the bed with someone.) Having a late night meal can also attribute to insomnia, which definitely won’t help you to have a productive day.  Try this: #3-prep! Meal prep that is. Prep meals the day before-If you’re limited on time throughout the week, meal prep over the weekend. Dedicate a few hours in the kitchen on Sunday and your week will be hassle free when it comes to food choices. If you must eat, choose fruits and veggies-the high fiber content will make more for a quick exit.

5. Sleeping on the wrong mattress.


Another sleepless night of tossing and turning due to a poor mattress cannot only leave you feeling cranky and tired in the morning, but it can also leave you with a pretty nasty backache. In a study conducted over four years, researchers found that even small differences in mattress support affected sleep. When shopping for a mattress, always, always try it before you buy it! Especially take advantage of companies that over a 90 day or longer grace period. Read reviews and do your homework on what best suits your needs. If you share the bed with someone, work together to find a mattress that works best for both of you.