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Ijeoma Umebinyuo, author of Questions for Ada, speaks life into our hearts and minds through her mastery of the written word.  Although she acknowledges pain, she refuses to forget a woman’s capacity for restoration. Here are 11 of her  quotes that will set your soul on fire no matter what mood you’re in.

1. When You Feel Like Procrastinating.

 2.  When You’re Praying They’ll Text Back. 

 3. When You’re Learning to Love Yourself as You Are. 

4. When You’re Feeling Like #Blackgirlmagic.

5.  When You’re Feeling Fine AF.

6. When  You’re Collecting Jars of White Tears.

7. When You’re Battling Childhood Demons.

8. When You Begin to Feel Like You’re Not Enough. 

9. When You Decide to Reclaim Your Throne and Stunt on These Hoes.

10. And Finally, When you Realize That You are Your Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams and Speaking Your Dreams Into Existence is Your Greatest act of Self-Love.