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When I first came across Kathryn Mallow’s Body Positive artwork and Instagram series, I immediately thought: “Bring on the fat babes!” My second thought was: “I want in on this greatness!” Graciously, Kathryn obliged and made me into a masterpiece to join the ranks of such Body Positive inspirations as @khalessidelrey and @mariedenee.

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This work was resonant for more than one reason, but the intersectional unifying thread was that every humyn highlighted is truly a Body Positive role model or activist in some form or another – whether a plus size model or perhaps a fashion blogger , Mallow has created artistic representations of bodies typically shied away from, and has celebrated them by simply normalizing them. No grandiose additives, just a pure reflective visible representation of the beauty the artists beholds in all bodies. 

I am certainly honored to be included in this list, and encourage all of our readers to support art, artists, and self-love by commissioning your very own portrait, as Kathryn is currently taking very reasonably prices orders – you won’t be sorry you seized the opportunity!

For now, check out some of my favorite of her artistic depictions:



















Have you always dreamed of being turned into art? Now you can with @murderofgoths beautiful series, which is available for viewing in its entirety directly on her Instagram page.