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Body Positive Fashion is many things to many people. To me, it means wearing whatever I want despite the Fat Phobic societal norms placed upon my body. Thusly, it is also a political act of self-love warfare that I choose to own confidently. It is also important that my perspective is very specific to fat-bodied womyn, but also applies to any group marginalized by the fashion world – any group that dares to look utterly delicious in the face of a world telling trying to tear them down one ill-fitting seam at a time.

Much of my writings circulate around Body Positive topics, so I thought it was about time to have my fellow Wear Your Voice team weigh in on the topic. I believe part of what makes our publication so unique, is that we don’t just limit our topics to one community or from one perspective – we truly run the gamat over here, but all equally support and respect one another’s voices (and choices)! In this way, we can speak to a wider audience, and allow for connections that may otherwise have not happened.

Personally, I LOVED what team WYV had to say about what Body Positive Fashion means to them. Together, we are re-defining the very baseline of beauty, flipping socially acceptable norms and reversing them right back into one eclectic visual scope of self-expression!

1. Ravneet-WYV Founder and Editor in Chief


“Body Positive Fashion is owning up to the fact that I have body negativity, and not berating myself because of it, but being conscious enough of it to stay in my body and address this; a thing which I do believe will plague me for most of my life. What I can do right now though is take action – I did this by starting my own magazine that aims to incorporate this conversation into its very being, un-veiling the not so hidden secret messages in our media that have us believe that perfect is a size 0. I am making every effort not to repeat historys habit of shaming women into being sick in order to get the perfect (unattainable) body depicted in mainstream media!”

2. Monica-Senior Editor


“Body positive fashion means finding the tightest of tights to love on all my curves because I love the skin I’m in—and you should too! Your body is beautiful. Your body is divine. Don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise (not even yourself)!”

3. Reaa-Senior Editor of Cinematography

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“Body Positive Fashion means embracing your body, mind, and soul and enhancing those aspects of yourself through accessories, clothing, and fashion choices. How you represent yourself on the outside should be a reflection of your internal self. The fashion is just a tool; it’s a means of expression….and the freedom of your expression is really what body positive fashion is about.”

4. Laura-Beauty Editor


“Body positive fashion means dressing so you feel beautiful, regardless of what Vogue and InStyle tell you. Body Positive Fashion means allowing your inner beauty to shine through in whatever style or outfit makes you happiest. It’s dressing for YOU, not anyone else.”

5. Sonya-Columnist


“To me, body-positive fashion means that everyone is okay the way they are. You are beautiful — or not beautiful — depending on how you define yourself. Body-positive fashion refuses to be based on hierarchy. We don’t have to tear some people down in order to celebrate others — we can celebrate everyone, together.”

6. Natalie-Columnist


“Body positive fashion is made for me, not them.
Clothing should give you confidence, not cut off your circulation.
Clothing that fits you with the style you feel is the only way to go.”

7. Dani


“I feel most confident and powerful in my workout clothes. After emergency back surgery took from me the ability to be as active as I had been or would like to be there is nothing I cherish more than throwing on a pair of black leggings, some neon green Nikes and my most recent workout necessity – a crop top. Wearing crop tops at the gym while I’m sweating and doing bad ass shit like squats or push ups has given me so much confidence to rock crop tops pretty much every weekend in and outside the gym. If I’m not at work best believe I’m in a crop top, some leggings and some combat boots – with gold chains and door knocker earrings. That’s my Oakland style.”