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Rhapsody Artajo as Rey

Rhapsody Artajo as Star Wars’ Rey.

The incredible Rhapsody Artajo is getting a lot of shine right now, and rightfully so. The gorgeous plus-size model is an avid cosplayer, showing the world what it could look like to actually have plus-size characters in film, television, books and beyond. While being plus-size and a paid cosplayeer may not sound like a big deal to the average person, it means everything to some.

Rhapsody Artajo as the original gothic femme fatale, Vampira.

Rhapsody Artajo as the original gothic femme fatale, Vampira.

“If you’re a fat girl and you’re doing characters who are supposed to be thin, unfortunately there will be people who are very negative and have yucky things to say,” Artajo said in an interview with Nerdist. “I love playing dress-up. Cosplay is about loving your fandom and showing how much you love it. So I never let other people stop me from doing characters that I want to do.”

Rhapsody Artajo as Marvel's Rogue

Rhapsody Artajo as Marvel’s Rogue.

“Stop letting other people stop you for doing what you love. You are your own person and you are in control of your own happiness. Do what you love. The only limitations that you have are the ones that you put on yourself. You have to stop worrying about other people,” says the cosplay queen. “Once you realize you are in charge of your own happiness, the world changes.”

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“I want to stay relentlessly optimistic and contagiously confident,” she says.

Rhapsody Artajo as Ursula.

Rhapsody Artajo as Ursula.