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Artistic Director Jowhari Trahan’s Nature | Natural | Nurtured Beauty serves as another reminder of the raw beauty we each possess.
Trahan, who studied sociology in college, was inspired by a study conducted by a Dutch sociologist Ruut Veenhoven, ‘How Do We Assess How Happy We Are?’  Hear more about the inspiration behind the project from Jowhari herself, in her own words.




“Together, we teamed up to show inner beauty. As humans we are naturally nurturing to others, as women we nurture others and sometimes we neglect to nurture ourselves. this editorial photographically shows the nature in natural nurtured habitat.”


“Creatively, I  created the Nature |Natural | Nurtured Beauty concept to encourage women to stop hiding behind our incidences and occurrences, stop hiding behind the unfortunates and let the fortunate illuminate!”


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“I’m 36 years old, for the longest time I defined myself as 36, single parent of 3, overweight, business owner, unhappy because….or angry because…and in “transition” through life’s lessons of Love, Happiness and all of the above. Even though I have an awesome network of friends, and an amazing business network, and wonderful children, the Half-empty components became my reality vs. the Half Full.”


“One morning, I woke to a new day a new light and new understanding, the old me, I saw her. Eventhough SHE was ME and I hadn’t changed, visually. I began to realize that the way people saw me and the way I saw myself, were totally different.”


“Despite my challenges, sometimes daily, I am still the loving and fun and happy and beautiful and helpful, creative genius, business oriented woman. I am her! Realizing that I tried to hide my light because of how I’ve allowed life’s lessons and or choices to define me.”


“Creatively, I used the natural healing of Nature for this photoshoot. The depths and aesthetics provided us with an amazing changing environment. As trees and flowers grow and bloom, some trees sway with the wind others stand firm and tall and provide shade, while some flowers seek the rays of the sun each is different, different forms shapes, different healing. Like people are different and move differently. Nature, like people, grows and evolves in its natural habitat at its own pace. When Nurtured, Nature is even more amazing and blossoms and transitions into amazing plateaus that are unimaginable. When our natural beings are nurtured, we allow our lights to shine bright.”


“When our natural beauty is nurtured we learn what to let go, how to let go and grow BEAUTIFULLY. I encourage women thru art to love ourselves a little more everyday , Like ourselves a little more everyday, Grow a little more everyday and open the blinds to your Natural Nurtured Beauty and let your light shine.”


Photography: Isaac Alexander
Hair/MUA Keisha McAlister
Model Leandra Mack and Jasmond Smith
Artistic Director Jowhari Trahan