No your eyes are not deceiving you, should you be trying to hashtag those stunning photos of your beautiful body with #curvy, it will no longer lead to anything. If you should try to search #curvy for inspiration on your self-love journey, in place of images of hips and thighs, you’ll get a simple message with a complex meaning: “no photos or videos.” The first question that will pop into your surprised brain, perhaps, “Why!?” My answer: covert Fat Phobia – especially given that #thin and #skinny are still allowed, as are much more graphic and heinous hashtags that I do not believe in perpetuating, such as Buzzfeed took the liberty of doing, but even including words such as #bitch and #dildos still, when Instagram has publicly claimed that their reasoning is #curvy propagated too much skin showing.

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I’m just calling total BS on that – social media seems to have quickly become just as frightened as mass media of a womyn’s choice to re-claim her body from society and radically love herself unconditionally. That makes NO ONE any money in this capitalistic culture that literally feeds off of telling others how to eat. So again, because of the economy of keeping Fat Phobia alive and spreading it pervasively, #curvy can no longer happen. Until we rally together strong enough to overturn this decision, I decided to featured other curve-inclusive hashtags that are still usable on Instagram, so that we could begin flooding those in the meantime. The following are 5 of my favorite curvy-related hashtags to begin utilizing and tuning into on Instagram, as well as my 5 favorite curvy social media queens, all kicked off with my initial reaction to this occurrence that you should all feel free to use as well: #takebackthecurves

Word on the street from fellow body positive babe @curvesbecomeher is that #instagram BANNED the use of #curvy on this site!?! Yet words such as #thin & #skinny are still allowed. If there be truth to this, it is one of the most blatantly overt yet disturbingly covert acts of Fat Phobia I have seen yet. We are here, however, to remind you that such things like wearing bikinis, crop tops, and loving every single curve on our fat bodies is what we are about, along with honoring and showcasing just that. We will no longer be silenced or shamed – we have already begun reclaiming what is our very birthright – minds, bodies, and souls won't be dimmed by your censorship. Let's all #takebackthecurves & #FuckFatPhobia!!! #WearYourVoice #effyourbeautystandards #curvesreign #losehatenotweight #alternativecurves #boldncurvy #honormycurves #goldenconfidence #ThereIsNoWrongWayToBeAWoman #selflovingyogis #ThickThighsSaveLives #rockthecroptop

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As well as the brilliant new #curve movement by @thecurvycupcake

1. #curvee

2. #curvesreign

3. #curves

5. #curvesahead


(in no particular order)


Last day in Cali…

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2. @curvesonabudget13

Happy Friday!! Since I have not posted this week I wanted to recap some of my favorite looks so far. Which is your fav?? #PSBlogger #friday

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4. @honorcurves


5. @curvesandchaos


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Featured photo Image: Saucye West Photography by Gerry Garcia in  Babydoll Couture