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There has been no short of Size Inclusive Yoga is popping-up all over my social and mainstream media lately, and I’m thrilled to say, that some of my very own collaborations have been amongst this list! Along with amazing Curvy Yoga Instructors Misia Denea and Naomi Finkelstein, I am elated to announce our first-ever Body Positive Yoga Workshop-meets-Party: Full Moon, Full Figured!

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Full Moon, Full Figured is a self-love event, that has been bred from the inspired passion of three bigger-bodied womyn who know not only what it is like to face discrimination for our size in general society, but the intense discrimination that can often go unnoticed in the yoga community around fat bodies. Naomi and Misia are both certified Yoga instructors who have practices that focus on fat womyn, and I am a Somatic Psychotherapist-in-training who focuses on Body Positive therapy re-connecting the mind-body split that can often happen when the world tells you not to love your body (aka your home)!

Last Sunday, Misia, Naomi, and I had a ‘meeting of the mindful’ to play and plan in the studio during a photo shoot courtesy of Sada Reed (whose photos are featured in this article) and Xela Gaerlan. Of course, as goddesses are known to multitask, this was also doubling as a promotional shoot for the amazing active wear line Rainbeau Curves. The following Photo Essay, is the resulting soulful resonance that flowed from our very essences while connecting as empowered big-bodied yogis (I believe the energy created was extremely sacred and healing for me personally as well, which shines through these images):




 *Along with the majority of the class being a yoga experience, I will be utilizing my Somatic Psychotherapy training in order to provide a unique experiential in order to connect us further with our bodies as our own!*



*The above and below photos are a nod to the specialized hands-on (permission will always be asked before introducing touch) adjustments and modifications that will be made to accommodate the bigger bodies of the group, as well as catered individually to each person’s specific physical and emotional needs!*




 *We certainly found a sacred flowing energy during this shoot throughout, and especially during what I’m now naming our “Power of 3” Poses.*





*After the shoot officially ended, the candids kept going…





 Interested and Intrigued for this unique Yoga and Play opportunity!? PLEASE Come Join us, we would LOVE to have you! Below is more info. on our event – did I mention that IT INCLUDES A POST-YOGA FULL MOON POTLUCK FEAST!?!

Join Our Facebook Event Page: HERE!


From our hearts to yours, NAMASTE, YA’LL!