Take a Body Positive Stance and Join my #FuckFatPhobia Campaign – hashtag your way against mainstream media’s body norms by claiming this space as our own!


(Photographer: Sada Reed, K.I.T. @triple_f_soul Instagram)

“Fat Phobia”: 1. Pathological fear of fatness, 2. Pervasive disease affecting society and propagated under the false guise of “War on Obesity,” 3. Most common symptom is Fat Shaming,” 4. Frequently a result of other humyns’ own internalized Fat Phobia Shadows being projected onto any other fat body because Society has consistently warped and manipulated our perceptions of what feels and looks pleasurable to our primal instinct attractions.


I have officially launched this #FuckFatPhobia Campaign not just to continue raising awareness about the Disease of Fat Phobia, but to continue challenging it blatantly. Visiblising the invisible. Speaking the unspoken. Honor your truth. Please join myself and Wear Your Voice Magazine in claiming your social media spaces with #FuckFatPhobia – take your own photos inspired by challenging the status quo…surprise us, and perhaps yourself in the process! You can also tag me @somewhere_under_the_rainbow on Instagram, @RachelMaryOtis on Twitter (which I’m admittedly still finagling), and Rachel Otis on Facebook – and of course @wearyourvoicemag everywhere, in addition to e-mailing me your photos if you prefer: rachel@wyvmag.com. Thanks for all of the support, love, and inspiration!


(Sneak Peak of Clothing by the Revolutionary Rainbeau Curves – keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming lifestyle cookbook release, Body Positive styling by myself and Sada Reed!)