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Fat liberationist Your Fat Friend’s social media campaign, #FatSideStories, takes over Twitter.

A recent social media campaign started by our favorite anonymous fat liberationist, Your Fat Friend, took over Twitter this week by signal boosting a campaign begun by @Artists_Ali and @Femmina of Bad Fat Broads. It just so happens that it was in perfect timing with #BodyPositiveWeek here at WYV!

It all started with a simple call for fat dating stories:

Tweet by tweet, participants shared stories about dating, which can be horrible for white,”average” or slender-bodied folks, but gets even worse the more marginalized you are.

Once you are out of school, they start coming out of the wood works. Often, the ones who are trying to hit you up are the same guys that burn you in the first place!

Judgment triples for fat polyamorous folk as thin, able-bodied, monogamous people become angry and competitive.

Sound familiar at all?

Then it started to get really REAL.

Fat-related PTSD is a real thing and it can effect all intimate relationships that the person suffering from it has.

Sadly, parents are often the first bullies that fat children (or children in general) experience. We have to do better.

Fat people are taught that they are unlovable and unfuckable. Because of this, many of us find ourselves in abusive relationships. Quite a few fat folks have been the victim of sexual abuse because society teaches that we are not valuable or equal to other bodies. It’s a vicious cycle that must be ended.

Even the best meaning friends and family will sometimes say this. It’s their job to hear your experience, not project their values onto your identity.

Even Olympic athletes are victim to fatphobia.


What can you do as an ally? The easiest thing you can do is listen to your fat loved one. If they are experiencing something, do not question it. Just because you have not lived their experience does not mean that these awful things are not being said and done as a result of being perceived to have less value than their thin counterparts.

Listen, witness, and correct toxic behaviors around you.