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The summer is fast-underway and Wear Your Voice feels like it’s the perfect time to launch our self-loving summer campaign: #DropTheTowel. This is a movement for all body shapes, sizes, colors, and genders to proudly proclaim that they are done hiding their already beautiful beach/pool/lake or otherwise summer body – and are ready to lose that cover-up and drop the towel! Trust us, collectively we understand how difficult it can be at any size when facing unrealistic societal norms, however, together we are taking a stand against this body shaming act of hiding by reminding you that yours is perfect exactly as it already is – and deserves to be free and frolicking all summer long!

If you would like to participate, email us at ravneet@wyvmag.com!



(Photoshoot Creative Director: Senior Columnist Rachel Otis, pictured above, chose her #FuckFatPhobia framework for our launch-off shoot. Photographer in charge of this shoot is Suma Jane Dark – whose work can be found on her Tumblr/Facebook/Instagram. Make-up and Hair Artist by the talented Bernadette Rose. Stylist for shoot,  fellow WYV writer Laurel Dickman) 





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Don’t forget to join our summer self-love movement and start using #DropTheTowel now by sharing your photos on social media!