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Founder. CEO. Editor-in-chief Ravneet is the Founder of Wear Your Voice Magazine. Founded in February of 2014, redefining the way women are represented in the media. Over the five years following graduation, Ravneet enjoyed a very rewarding career in the European fashion industry. Starting out in Merchandising (statistical analysis) and moving into PR and marketing, for smaller luxury brands, it is here that Ravneet fine tuned her business skills and learnt the inner workings of growing a small business. She helped stabilize the integrity of the business by developing relationships with key media players, while successfully placing their brand into high end editorial spreads such as Vogue, Vanity Fair & Harpers to selling product to International boutiques, Harrods, Comme Des Garcons, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Saks 5th Avenue, to name a few. She also successfully managed trade shows and events at Paris fashion week. Following this, she started her own business providing clients with a very unique whole body makeover, combining her skills in fashion and nutrition she formulated personalised packages for her high end clients. She found this extremely challenging and yet fascinating, interacting with clients on a personal level really gave a her a full understanding of the different shapes of every persons mind, that when women are treated as individuals rather than huddled together as one, there was so much to be seen. It was here that Ravneet’s fascination around negative media messaging for women was sparked. Combine this knowledge with an extensive career in the fashion industry, and raw experiences of life as a woman, Ravneet understood the need and necessity for an alternative media publication that served as an inclusive space for all women. It wasn’t until she moved to Oakland, where she was captivated by the exuberance of its people, the soul, and the spirit, that she actualized her vision. ”Oakland felt like home”, and it served itself as an inspiration for Ravneet’s business, Wear Your Voice Magazine, serving as a digital representation of the city we ground our roots in. WYV has grown organically within Oakland, and has been described as the next Huffington Post. Ravneet is also a qualified Nutritionist and motivational speaker, having worked with Dress For Success, as well as conducting workshops alongside Julianna Park, a Hay House award winner for ‘The Abundance Loop’. Having a keen eye for fashion trends and a fashion background, it was obvious to Ravneet that there is something quite unique within this space. WYV wants to show the world what makes this place one big romantic, innovative, creative, sexy & funky space to be in. The talented Wear Your Voice writers will take you on a visual and vocal journey, bringing new meaning to what it means to be a woman in 2015.