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Wear Your Voice Team page

Our Story

Wear Your Voice is a digital magazine for and by LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) based in the United States. We publish reported articles, features, personal essays, and critical analyses of current events, politics, entertainment, culture, sexuality, health, and more. 

WYV was created, built, and developed out of a need to define our feminisms outside of the mainstream iterations of it, and out of the need for us to define it outside of the projections of what people think we “ought” to stand for. 

The editors and writers of this publication are queer Black and brown anarchists/autonomists, communists, anti-fascists, and socialists who are working towards liberation from all structures of power and oppression. We believe that education, the dissemination of information, and the witnessing and documenting of history from our queer, trans, BIPOC perspectives are essential to the process of liberation. 

“When I flipped through the pages of my favorite magazines growing up, I never saw images that I could relate to; I did not feel seen or heard. I realized later in life that media had been the source for many of my insecurities, and I knew if I didn’t see myself represented in the media, other people, especially marginalized people of color, didn’t see themselves represented either. I decided that I wanted to change that, so I took the essence of a glossy lifestyle magazine and put an intersectional feminist spin on it, and out of this was borne Wear Your Voice Magazine, a magazine to redefine the way we as people are represented in the media.”

—WYV Founder, Ravneet Vohra

WYV’s feminism is not defined by cisheteronormative, white supremacist, colonialist, imperialist, capitalist, and carceral bastardizations of feminism. Our feminism is rooted in the belief that our struggles are interwoven and that “equality” with white men under our current social constructs is insufficient and ultimately a continuation of oppression under the guise of “women’s liberation.”

Our feminism aims to dismantle all forms of oppression because a better world is only possible without the power structures which create vulnerable people under volatile, violent conditions that benefit the few. 

We are Black and brown feminists and as such, we critically analyze everything from that perspective. It is our experience, and the experience of other Black and brown feminists/womanists, that our liberation is tied to dismantling all forms of oppression, from white supremacy to gender-based violence, to capitalism and beyond. Wear Your Voice publishes pieces that take into account overlapping marginalizations because our identities cannot be pulled apart. All liberation demands this. 


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