downtown oakland bar map

Home-made Downtown Map


Are you new to the Oakland Bar Scene?

Thinking about checking it out?  Not quite sure where to go?
For a pre-party party, you can join me at local Sound Artist, Annah Anti-Palindrome’s Release Party at

Temescal Arts Center

$5 suggested donation.  Also a Girls Rock Camp Benefit.
After the show, head on over MacArthur Bart (or if you are money bags this Friday, you can get a cab at the Bart) and get off 19th Street.  If you are just visiting Oakland or considering moving, take your new-to-Oakland buddies on an unofficial bar crawl.  Even if you live here, maybe you haven’t ventured downtown lately.  Come on out and join us!

Starting from 19th Street Bart you can loop up Broadway to

Luka’s Taproom

at Grand Ave for some reggae and dancehall.  $5 before 11.  Grab some fries with their trio of sauces or another late night menu option until midnight.  I don’t know what they do to those fries but they are delicious!
Swoop on down to 19th and Broadway, walk on over to Telegraph and down a bit towards 18th.  Stop in at


for some hip hip and old school by DJ Boy Wonder.  Somar is free before 11. If you get on this line later in the night, they will make you wait until some people clear out to let you in.  Get your dance on or just check out the outfits and the degrees of inebriation on the line to get in.
Next, shimmy on down 18th St until you hit San Pablo check out the

New Parish’s OAKLAND MASSIVE Party

with J Boogie, Chuy Gomez, Pam the Funkstress (The Coup), Davey D, DJ Zita, and Steelo.   If you have never been here before- go!  It is an Alice-in-Wonderland of a place.  It is HUGE!  The outside doesn’t really show how much there is of it.  There are several rooms with their own bars, different djs and an outdoor space with benches and tables to smoke and mingle.
Keep the dance-bar crawl going at the next stop,

Cafe Van Cleef

Live shows are common.  Otherwise, look at the funky décor.  It includes heads, costumes, busts, jewelry and even some bras hanging over the bar.  The Greyhounds are delicious.  Take a breather and suck down one of these grapefruit drinks before moving on.
Head on over to the


for Ren the Vinyl Archeologist, old school hip hop mix artist and local indie supporter.  Though if it is after 10 PM (which it will be) get yourself on the guest list ahead of time.  This place is cool and evidently people have found out.  Guest list only after 10 PM.
If for some reason, this loop isn’t enough for you, you crazy party animal, or you prefer

live shows

Bench and Bar at 510 17th St featuring Taboo with David Harness and House and Soul Beats.

Era‘s Art Murmur After Party with Latin Soul Brothers, Won Way and Joe Quixx.

Uptown‘s live music lineup of Vela Eyes, Fritz Montanan, Steel Cranes, and Modern Kicks.  No cover all night.

Night Light down in Jack London Square has alive show going on featuring Jonas Reinhardt, Pharos, Cherushii and the Profan DJs.