Burlesque night Séduction Féroce: New Parish in Oakland

So I’m pretty ”out there” or so I thought!
Presenting the evening Jamie DeWolf –his sentences start with profanities and end with them and if he’s lost for words he’ll throw some more in!
I was literally squirming in my seat, heard the saying,
”if your grandma could see this she’d turn in her grave”? – I’m not dead and I was rolling in mine.
This is entertainment on a whole new level & it was not gluten free. Ha!
Crunchy granola types -check your intolerances at the door and embrace your inner alter ego. It was enchanting, mysterious, outrageous and it is a space where nothing matters apart from performance, performance, performance;
true expression and guess what it has a voice! 😉

My personal favorite – ‘Scarlett Letters’ is a born performer people, watch out for this one!

Rozzo Rogue, just divine with her pretty & enticing feathers

The Tartlettes- good ol’ fashioned fun;

Wayne’s World so funny!

I had to censor the rest BUT if you’re begging for more then YOU will have to stop by The New Parish Oakland for their next event!

(images by Chani)