Madeleine Butler

This is a woman who may seem quiet, observant, easy-going, and she is. When you get started talking to her, you find she is also a bit rambunctious-mouthed and hilarious.  Additionally, at some point, she worked in a French Restaurant and can make a mean Parisian Brunch.  She plays French songs, puts people to work if they step into the kitchen and then stuffs them full of delicious food and lets them sit and grow fatter to the lovely sound of words they don’t understand.  Madeleine is a writer first, and an expressive arts dabbler second.  She sings jazz, arranges, composes and performs at Motion Theater, created by Nina’s Wise’s.  Like too often happens to those of us who are creative, Madeline had saw her love of writing as a child spark and fizzle for quite some time before she found it again. Creativity is a persistent light.  Madeleine was urged into bouts of writing in her early twenties in New Orleans and again later in Boston. In the Bay Area, she found improv comedy, flash fiction and started writing a novel. Most recently, she has been involved in playwriting and had a play staged by Playground in Berkeley.  It turned out that the short form of a ten-minute play allowed for a plunging into and immediacy that worked for her and felt natural. In terms of artistic approach, Madeleine doesn’t start with a theme in mind.  In retrospect, she sees identity and self-perception as common themes. “Who do I think I am, and how does that change in relation to other people and events? It’s like the Albers color theory: a certain shade of red looks different depending on what colors it’s next to,” Madeleine says.

Madeline, a charming sarcastic, says she refused the title of artist for a long time but is now comfortable saying she is a playwright, as she is being produced.  She is currently working on a ten-minute play for Monday Night Playground, revising a ten-minute play that will be staged this summer in SF.  She is pondering a full-length play, working on a novel and “wrestling with a poem that is enraging her with its stubbornness in revision.” To pay for herself, Madeleine does marketing for high tech companies, has created museum exhibits and interactive training programs, in essence using her writing functionally as well as creatively.  Madeleine sites the Bay Area Theatre community as the newest addition to the groups that inspire and support her creating her art.  Others include her crime fiction community, her writer’s group, poets she met through a workshop at Esalen, visual artists, and jazz musicians.

Madeleine’s short play THE BOX will be staged at the Exit Theater as part of the Sheherezade 14 Festival

It is an evening of eight 10-minute plays that will run for three weekends in June 2014. Ticket information should be available closer to the event through Wily West Productions: www.wileywestproductions.com.