Bad ass of the week: Hannah Cherkassky

Hannah Cherkassky

All she needs is a printer, paper, scotch tape and scissors

With a soon to be released 4th issue of FUSTER CLUCK zine, Hannah is modest and shy when asked about her achievements.  Why the title FUSTERCLUCK? Hannah is not only a successful freelance writer; she is a full time nanny and student. She felt most parents wouldn’t appreciate the words “CLUSTER FUCK” coming up on any basic internet browse of public data associated with her name.

Simple PC version was FUSTER CLUCK.        Clever girl

Hannah is currently earning her “Professional Certificate” in copy editing at a UC Berkeley extension campus.

 “Editing documents might be boring to most but it’s how I enjoy spending my M-F. Call me a nerd, this is what I love. I feel that being a good writer and having basic, let alone extensive editing knowledge makes you a better writer.”

Her initial exposure and inspiration to start her own DIY zine was “PUNKSPUNKSPUNKS”. Written by a dude who grew up in the San Ramon ‘burbs like she did. An Oakland transplant of almost 10 years, she found inspiration in the nitty, gritty niches of Oakland and everything it has to offer. FUSTER CLUCK offers a unique blend of art, short stories and poetry with contributions from a variety of characters within Oakland’s art/music scene.  Hannah finds a way of balancing the abstract with easy humor and intelligent stories with accompanying art that makes each issue a forever keepsake on the ol’ book shelf.

Amongst my random conversational questions, I asked her the standard: “Why is writing your jam? Why is writing the creative voice you feel most comfortable speaking in?”

“Writing is…Fuck…I feel like that’s an impossible question; let me try and narrow this down.”

*After a moment’s consideration and another sip of IPA*

“-It’s (writing) a way to sort the info. Productive purging & emptying the brain. A visual artist must paint the beautiful scene he saw at the park; I must write what I feel and experience each day. Outside of creative expression, writing is my constant outlet. My freedom. The written word has the power to propel and expose ideas  in an effective way. One of my biggest journalistic influences is Matt Tabi, writer for the Rolling Stones. He is blunt, probing, controversial and empowers with the awareness his words bring. Writing is art; you try to inspire imagery in readers and evoke passion with words.”

As a fellow aspiring writer I am inspired by Hannah’s DIY zine, hard work and dedication to her noble craft. Let her be another shining example of how a little hard work and passion can let your voice be heard/read/seen/experienced. She can watch your kids, edit your papers and issue a zine that rivals many up and coming in the bay.

If you haven’t read the first three issues of FUSTER CLUCK, check out the fruits of Hannah’s labor here: