Wear Your Voice has declared it Vintage Sunday-so what better way to start your day?

Head over to….MERCY Vintage Now NOW NOW!!

I’ve specifically avoided this store since moving to Piedmont Avenue, four and a half years ago, because I knew the temptation to blow my budget would be too strong. My first visit confirmed my suspicions entirely. Slews of vintage garments from various eras line the walls, and display cases showcase accessories.

60s graphic floral dress ($28) and orange and pink shift with a sheer overlay ($36):

60s graphic floral dress, orange and pink sheer overlay shift dress

Invoke a 70s vibe with these studded jeans ($34) or suede and crochet skirt ($48)

studded jeans, suede and crochet skirt

How about topping them off with this 60s Carpet Swing Coat ($150) or 70s patchwork leather jacket ($98)?

 60s carpet swing coat, 70s patchwork leather coat

Polka Dot Killer Coat ($88) or Chartreuse Boucle Coat ($88), anyone? Yes please!

polka dot killer coat, Chartreuse Boucle coat


Now we move into the luxury section

Look at these beauties…

Cool with fur as long as it’s second-hand?

Checkout this Amaze-fox Fur Coat ($475 ?)

amazefox fur coat, rabbit fur coat







and Rabbit Fur Coat ($125)

Cinch your look together with this reptile gold chained belt ($22)-How could you not have this?

reptile with gold chained belt

Invoke your inner serpent with this amazing snakeskin diamond patchwork purse ($78)

pathchwork snake purse

or this adorable python purse ($28)

python purse

The Women at Wear Your Voice suggest setting aside some much needed me-time on this rainy day -it is Vintage Sunday after all!