Paneled Denim and Crochet Skirt $34


As soon as this rain clears up, I’m sure you’re gonna want to spin in circles in a field while listening to the Allman Brothers, wearing flowers in your hair and this skirt. This vintage paneled denim and crochet skirt features a hemline and ruffle that would show off some lovingly worn boots perfectly.


1960s Vintage Floral Suitcases $18 each


You’re certainly not gonna want to use these two 1960s vintage suitcases as actual suitcases because your style could never be contained in smallish luggage. However, they’re perfect for storing craft supplies, accessories, or make-up, because every single item you own has to have flavor.


Black and Gold Cowgirl Boots $125


Ride ‘em, cowgirl! And by ‘em, I mean the streets of Oakland (though I’m sure there are plenty of other ‘ems who would love to be ridden by you in these boots). These black and gold cowgirl boots show such versatility they could sass up your springtime sundress, Hank Williams up your rock-a-billy duds, or ‘tude up your skinny jeans. Hell, they’d spin you around pretty good in a field to the Allman Brothers, peeking out the bottom of a denim and crochet skirt with a ruffle.


Lanvin Neon Pixel Dress with Belt $78


It’s safe to say, no one’s gonna miss you in this Lanvin neon pixel belted dress. It takes a damn confident individual to pull off this type of dress. But you are a damn confident individual who is ready to brighten the day of every single person who gazes in your direction. Get your pixel on, girl.


Tortoiseshell and Rhinestone Hair Comb $18 (displayed on white mink boa $48)


Ready to start acting out your extensive Gift of the Magi roleplaying scenario? Because this tortoiseshell and rhinestone hair comb is ready to be your prop. Yes, yes, I know in the movie it was combs, plural, but who wants to mock-shave their head for a couple of barely noticeable blah blah combs?! When you pull that bald headed wig-like skin cap off, you’re gonna want give your locks a good Bay Watch shake, and glam them up with a vintage comb worthy of your fantasy.