What a lovely Piedmont Avenue Sunday! On my way to Mercy today, I passed a cream VW convertible bug, and I thought, “What a perfect car for this afternoon!” Let me tell you, it was a perfect Vintage Sunday afternoon to shop at Mercy, too. Mercy continues to impress me with unique items you can feel have been hand-chosen as part of the shop’s collection.

Here are my top 9 favorites at Mercy Vintage Now on Piedmont Avenue

Bad-Ass Blue Italian Leather Boots $48


Holy shit, is the right girl gonna luck out on these bad-ass bitches. Incidentally, that right girl is gonna have to have teeny tiny size 5 feet, so here’s to her. Still, this is exactly the type of gem Mercy holds onto for the right Oakland girl, and whomever these long-legged, tiny-toed, bad-ass bitch leather slippers fits, is one lucky princess.

Four Fly Belts for Your Fly Figure $24-$48


Celebrate your femininity by adorning a chakra. Tap into your inner medieval goddess with this hammered metal multi disc belt ($24) worn on the hips to ignite your Sacral Chakra, or go super low to charge up your root. Either of these woven metal belts (top, gold $48 and bottom, copper $28) can be worn anywhere from the solar plexus down, depending on what best suits your hemline, jewelry, or figure. The metal geometric pendant belt ($24) can be worn low anywhere on the hips or even as a necklace, if your kind of thing.

Vintage Buttercup Knit Dress $72


Mrs. Robinson, Mommas and the Papas…pair this adorable dress with a head scarf and boots or knee socks and instagram your way into another era…

Vintage Green Gab $68


Get to dress up fancy for your big-girl job? Here’s just the green gab jacket to pair with your Fleuvogs or vintage pumps and a scalloped skirt.

Perfectly Worn Leather Boots $98


You want these. You really want these. They would peek out from under your flares perfectly, go over skinny jeans or under dresses and skirts. These boots have enough attitude to spark a new you, if need be. Go buy them.

And last but not least, I give you the

metallic mini for nothin’ but $18


If you can pull this off, you really should. It’s lined, and looks super comfortable, though it’s short enough for you to have to crotch coverage on the brain. It even has pockets for you to put your cute little hands in. If you’re really cool, maybe you’ll have some mesh or lace fingerless gloves on those hands.