Top 8 Vintage Finds at Mercy

Two-tone Patent Leather Prada Heels $98, Metallic and Black Suede Etro Heels $88


Often I wish life were a musical, and that randoms on the streets of Oakland would join together in dance, everyone tapping into collective unconscious choreography in perfect rhythm and harmony. These two pairs of shoes are perfect for your life, the musical! Piedmont Ave. passersby will double back and pirouette to your beat when you prance around in these shoes. How could they not?

Watercolor Miniskirt $28


I’m thinking feathered hair, I’m thinking bright blue badass bitch boots, I’m thinking you need to find your way to this skirt because it is a work of art, and so are you!

Embroidered Jumper $48


Sullied up from last night’s debauchery? Climb back into innocence with this adorable embroidered jumper. Snack time, nap time, recess, crafts, and this jumper will transport you back to preschool on any lovely spring day.

Alligator Heels $52, Brown Reptile Purse $58, Black Patent Leather Reptile Purse $48


Is alligator your totem animal? If so, you may not support the use of their flesh as fashion. But buying second-hand animal is a little different than buying the product from it’s original manufacturer, no? If you’re not afraid of PETA’s judgement, congratulations. You’re free to enjoy these gorgeous reptile skin accessories!

Brown Suede and Leather Shorts $42


Elvis would’ve written a strange, exciting little number had he laid eyes on these brown suede hot pants, and your ass is sure to sing in them, too! To say you could dress these shorts up or down doesn’t come close to capturing the essence of this garment. You could dress as whomever of the Village People you’d like.