First Friday has WYV all excited.

I have never managed to make my way off 25th and on to Telegraph on first friday. This is now the second first friday that I have had to drag myself off 25th and right in to the buzz on Telegraph

But let us not get side tracked and get off our path too much. So back to 25th…25th has something really special  – it is where art and fashion make out, all under the same roof, space after space filled with art and fashion and fashion and art, art and fashion (am I getting repetitive?) – really this is my dream come true and with a blink of an eye and a tap of my Dorothy shoes I was transformed and taken to a place I can call home. One Indie designer after another, a voyage through my Oakland – I dream of moments like this, I yearn and ache for this Oakland that keeps my heart pumping and my desires satisfied..

It doesn’t take a lot to get me going…. ( that’s what he said 😉 )

So back to art and fashion –

1) Fashionable Knitwear

Myrrhia and her beautiful knitwear sits amongst a stunning interior design shop. Her knitwear is fashionable, comfortable and elegant! As is the creator of these garments I might add! She is definitely wearing her voice!

Myrrhia Knitwear

Myrrhia Knitwear

She sent us next door to see her friend Dustin and other such fashion designers and artists..

2) Recycled bags

Dustin’s product, Platinum Dirt was amazing! How far are you ready to take your up cycling ideas? These products are up cycling, reclaimed leather from automobiles – yes! And they are as luxurious as the thing you put your butts on. But you don’t sit on this fashion innovation you wear them! Bags that convert from leg warmers and then back to a bag.

The shark bag -is a  one shoulder bag that becomes the back pack and then cross body bag. Not tempted by the bags? Or even leg warmers that become bags? I bring you the cuff,. I feel like a  ‘super heroine’ KAPOW, BAM, SMASH  – what do you think?  This little lovely carries your phone, cards, money…condoms (another fashion must btw) …what? Yes! We all need one – this is not a fashion luxury this is a fashion emergency. What we in the fashion writing industry call a, ”fashion-must-have” a ”fashion I need to have this now” RIGHT NOW- Dustin? Please….Okay never beg people, it’s not lady like…moving on..

Platinum Dirt - $175-305

Platinum Dirt – $175-305

Platinum dirt - $75-125 Cuff wallet!

Platinum dirt – $75-125 Cuff wallet!

3) Rings

These chunky rings are meant to be this chunky just in case you are wondering – whilst standing here and admiring the collection by Jessica of J-Fein Designs I heard from other lovely shoppers – ”such a shame too chunky” way too many times- Yes, that’s the style, so move on honey! I personally LOVE chunky, chunkier the better. Insider secret if you’ve got chunky fingers you wear a chunky ring, makes fingers look like twigs What do you think?

J-Fein chunky rings -$25-$50

J-Fein chunky rings -$25-$50

4) Upcycled recycled fashion

A big yay to GhEttO GoLdiLocKs

This is recycle, up-cylcle and fabric rescue heaven, yeah you heard me right the fabric has been rescued!  All you eco friendly, green people of Oakland you would be very happy feeling these garments.

My favorite is this cute vest, though it may only fit my thigh or act as a leg warmer (yes there is a consistent leg warmer theme to my writing today) BUT they do come in a variety of sizes and there is menswear I might add…(shhhh don’t tell my lovely ladies of WYV I mentioned menswear in our women’s magazine)

GhEttO GoLdiLocKs-vest $110

GhEttO GoLdiLocKs-vest $110

Okay I did finally leave 25th and head onto Telegraph, not too far though right there you’ll find ….our WYV friend

5) Vintage buttons

‘Drea of GloriB Buttons! Upcyled and vintage inspired buttons – just gorgeous…

GloriB Buttons

GloriB Buttons

Save the best to last right?

6) Young entrepreneurs

AWOL Intl – these young ladies – Work with a non-profit organization named BUILD. They started their t-shirt business as young entrepreneurs, freshman year, High School. They received funding from a VC, with that funding they got to produce and market their product.

Now this warms my heart more than you the reader may ever know. So much of the passion behind Wear Your Voice Magazine was borne off the back of the kids right here in our Oakland, our adults of tomorrow. I started my evening at this stall and wanted to just stay there soaking up the excitement, the energy and professionalism of the people involved. They exude a confidence that I envy. Bianca one of the 3 owners, just walked over and introduced me to her product, no hesitation at all.


These young ladies will go far, you can’t buy confidence you either believe in your vision or not.

There is more coming from them, but for now, here they are…say hi!


Shaiza, Bianca, Heaven AWOL Intl- Tshirts

Shaiza, Bianca, Heaven AWOL Intl- Tshirts

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