Goldstone and Turquoise Bat-mo-belt – $48


You are a superhero and everyone needs to know it and this belt is how your going to show them. You are not a shiny black latex or blue and red spandex type of superhero who swoops in via cape or black cockmobile. You have to fly by the seat of your pants, so you keep those pants up with this unbelievable belt buckle. Goldstone bat surrounded by turquoise chunks, mounted on forest green leather—this belt is amazing and so are you. Send your “I’m the shit” signal out to the world by illuminating your loins with this power piece.


1950s Tiered White Lace Dress  -$98


Dying to say “I do!” or at least look like you would? Pair this sweet 1950s tiered white lace dress with a simple vail to create perfect casual garden wedding look or wear it to a tea, because those still happen. Have a frenemie’s wedding approaching? Show-up that simple bitch with a vintage stitch.


Matching Halter Maxi Dress and Jacket – $46


Commit to the bit with this matching halter maxi dress and jacket. Nothing says “I take vintage shopping seriously” like a two-piece outfit in a print. Worried it might be a bit much? It’s not.
Go all in and people will marvel at your all-inness.


1960s Christian Dior Metallic and Velvet Dress – $225


Brush up on your bouffant techniques, cause there are bound to be some more Mad Men theme parties, and this paisley metallic velvet Christian Dior dress is what you’ll need to be wearing. Every time you put this beauty on, you’ll feel like you stepped right off vintage Vogue’s page onto the streets of Oakland. This stunning dress is a piece of fashion history.


Floral Suzy Perette Dress – $98


Got some vacuuming to do? Dishes piling up? Bust out your petticoat and play dress-up in your new I’m-so-glad-I-wasn’t-oppressed-into-this dress!  #WhatWouldDonnaReedDo?